Actors Theatre of San Francisco

855 Bush Street
San Francisco CA 94108

The Actors Theatre of San Francisco has grown from a collection of actors with a common vision into one of the Bay Area's most acclaimed theatre companies. Founded in 1989 by a group of professional actors and directors who shared a common desire to produce ensemble theatre works, the founding members of Actors Theatre committed themselves to creating a permanent repertory company whose work would reflect their ideals of ensemble theatre: a theatre where all participants share the same artistic vision, have a unified approach to the rehearsal process, and a desire to create revelatory theatre that surpasses their desire for individual gain. The founding members gave themselves no restrictions as to style, content, or period. Instead, they committed themselves to producing theatre that is designed to enlighten and illuminate the human condition. Toward that end, ATSF has focused on the human interactions at the core of each play and has presented, with its signature style of disciplined ensemble work, an eclectic repertoire that has included World and US premieres, West Coast and Northern California premieres of major new plays and playwrights as well as some of the great classics of the American stage. Now in its ninteenth season, ATSF has gained a reputation for producing compelling, cohesive works noted for their seamless ensembles.

Talk Radio  (4/2013)
All My Sons  (5/2010)
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?  (10/2009)
Betrayal  (6/2009)
Of Mice And Men  (9/2008)
Fool for Love  (7/2008)
Buried Child  (5/2008)
LUV  (2/2008)
Camino Real  (10/2007)
Glengarry Glen Ross  (7/2007)
Hurlyburly  (5/2007)
The Rose Tattoo  (3/2007)
Death Of A Salesman  (10/2006)
The Trip to Bountiful  (7/2006)
Night Of The Iguana  (2/2006)
The House Of Blue Leaves  (11/2005)
Gemini  (9/2005)
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?  (6/2005)
Crimes of the Heart  (3/2005)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof  (9/2004)
Orpheus Descending  (6/2004)
After the Fall  (4/2004)
Dirty Story  (11/2003)
The Dog Problem  (9/2003)
Dangerous Corner  (7/2003)
Snapshots From the World Croquet Championship of 1959  (5/2003)
The Beginning Of August  (4/2003)
Icarus's Mother  (10/2002)
The Unseen Hand  (10/2002)
Of Mice And Men  (7/2002)
The Altruists  (4/2002)
This Is Our Youth  (1/2002)
Snake in Fridge  (11/2001)
Betty’s Summer Vacation  (5/2001)
Valparaiso  (3/2001)
Popcorn  (11/2000)
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?  (5/2000)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof