Talk Radio

Talk Radio

Actors Theatre of San Francisco    4/26/2013 - 6/8/2013 (schedule)

Category:  Drama

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In the Actors Theatre of San Francisco's production of Eric Bogosian's Talk Radio Christian Phillips plays Barry Champlain, a controversial late-night radio host who, to many of his audience, is the only lifeline in a rapidly devolving American culture. The drama is set in the studio of Cleveland's WTLK Radio during Barry's two hour show, Night Talk as a syndication company listens in to screen it for national broadcasting.

Barry's jousts with his unseen callers-ranging from a white supremacist to an overly-affectionate animal lover to a woman intimidated by her garbage disposal are peppered with insights into his character from his colleagues; a former dj (Sean Hallinan), his station manager (John Detweiler), and "it's complicated" girlfriend (Karen Goldstein). Barry is not without his own problems to deal with as he fields calls in the most important night of his career.

Total performances: 26

Carol Robinson.... Sid Greenberg
Christian Phillips.... Barry Champlain
Dayne Watai.... Kent
John Detweiler.... Dan Woodruff
Karen Goldstein.... Linda MacArthur
Merri Gordon.... Spike
Sean Hallinan.... Stu Noonan
Zack Reihald.... Bernie
*=featured role

James Baldock ....  Director
Biz Duncan ....  Designer
Tricia Gillespie ....  Designer

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