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Add a new show page and/or audition information 
  Edit an existing page

Upload images to a photo gallery
- The video for updating your personal page isn't up yet, but editing the bio information is pretty straightforward. Just click the 'Edit Person' button at the upper right. If you want to change the show information on your page, you need to go to each individual show page and edit your credit. For instance, if a show is missing from your credits, search for the show, go to its page, click 'Edit Show' at the upper right, and add your name to the cast / crew. If the show doesn't exist yet, you'll have to add a new show.

- If you enter a new venue that is not in the database, you are required to enter an address (at least City, State, but you can put the full address in if you have it.)

- You can now add a photo credit under each image while in edit mode.  Just enter the name and click the 'Save' button.

Also, check out the Frequently Asked Questions