Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is
It is the new community theater website. Along with current news, articles, reviews, and videos, it lists and cross-references details on people, shows, producers, and venues in your area. If you've ever seen, this is the community theater version of that.
Take a look at some examples of ideal show / person records - filled with images and reviews:
Flanagan's WakeGary Rucker, and Grease

Wait, aren't there already a few sites that do that? Like,, or
Are _you_ listed on any of those sites? Probably not. Those sites have all the info on Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. (And hasn't been updated in 3 years)
StageClick has all the info on YOU and the productions in your area. It also produces its own news content on theatrical topics in your area.

Who is this website for?
Its for anyone who has any interest in local theater:

  - Theater-goers 
    You can read up on local theater news, as well as find out what shows are on stage now, or will be soon. You can also read more information about the people who are in those shows.

  - The Theater Community
    Members of the theater community can find audition notices, read up on local news, reviews, interviews, and keep their online resume up-to-date

  - Producers and Theaters 
     This is a great opportunity to get the word out about your shows and auditions.

  - Directors / casting agents 
     There's a wealth of information about local talent and past shows right at your fingertips. Need to find a guy about 6 feet tall with dark hair who can sing baritone? What about someone who can run lights for your next show? While picking your next season, how great would it be to browse through pictures of some shows done in other cities?

Where does all the data come from?
Michael Cahill graciously donated his time to help kick-start the site by filling in as much data as possible from his plethora of programs, newspapers, and various other sources. But now that the site has been released to the public, ANYONE can contribute. The information in the database is ultimately controlled by YOU. You can add / change anything on the site once you're signed up as a member. To learn how, watch the How-To 'Help' videos.

How did my information get on here?
You didn't list all of my credits!
I didn't give you permission to post this!
I'm creeped out that someone knew I was in that show!
This credit or that credit is totally inaccurate - how dare you misrepresent me!
etc... is a free website controlled by its users from across the country. The information on is entered by its registered members using show programs, newspapers, the internet or other reference materials as a source. Therefore, pages may not be accurate or complete, especially since data is entered show by show and not person by person. Most likely, your credits listed here were entered by someone you know involved in those productions.
If you would like to claim and update your page, you can register for free.

Why would you let just anyone add / change data on the website?
This is a “User-Submitted Content’ website, meaning everything is contributed by the users of the site. As a member, you are welcome to add / change anything that you like (provided it is real, valid information). You may have seen other websites that work this way, the most popular being, the world’s largest encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It operates under the assumption that the community, as a whole, will provide accurate information and work towards maintaining a thorough and complete collection.

What if someone lists incorrect information or vandalizes pages?
There are a few things that should help keep this down to a minimum:
1. In order to edit anything, you must be registered as a user on the site.
2. Once you have claimed a ‘person’ page as your own, no one can edit your ‘person’ page except you.
3. Every change that is made anywhere on the website is tracked, and a history is kept of what changed, who made the change, and when. Because of this, if you see that something was changed incorrectly, the data can be reverted back. This also helps protect against vandalism. If vandalism is reported, the offending account will be banned from the website, and the changed records will be reverted back. Then we’ll drag them to the center of town and stone them to death.
4. Any change to a show/person name, or a show/audition date will be monitored. Since the actual dates of a show or audition are sensitive, we will keep a close eye on this. (Ex: If someone incorrectly adds an extra day to a show, people may plan to go to a show on that day)

Why did you change the name from NolaTheatre to StageClick? Isn't this just for New Orleans?

Although New Orleans has the most shows / people listed in the database, the website is growing quickly, and plans are already underway to take over the world - city by city - much like the aliens in Independence Day ;)

Why isn’t my name / show / theater / production company listed?
You are more than welcome to register and list your shows / organizations.  The website is 'show-centric'.  Meaning, to add a person, producer or venue, you must first create a show and add the venues / producers to the show.

How do I enter / change information?
Check out the How-To videos in the ‘Help’ section. They will walk you through each step.

That headshot you have of me is horrible/out of date/too grainy/too small/etc…! Where did you get that?
As hard as it was to pull together all the show information, getting pictures was even harder. The only places we could find pictures were some show programs and a few websites. Usually, scanning a small headshot out of a show program doesn’t produce a quality picture. If you have an updated / better quality / larger photo, please upload it to your page. Same goes for any other picture on the site.

I have lots of pictures to contribute. Can I upload them?
Who doesn’t love lots of pictures? I’m sure we all have volumes and volumes of pictures from a lot of shows that we were in. Every picture you upload makes us 1000 words stronger. However, please don’t upload 37 different shots of you from different angles making a slightly different pose. That’s pretty boring to look at and a waste of space. Instead, pick a good cross-section of your pictures that represents the show well, and upload those to the show’s gallery. After you’ve uploaded the picture, be sure to type in the names of the people who are in it. It will automatically cross-reference the picture to that person’s page, as well as display who’s in it when someone views it.

I just uploaded some pictures, but they’re not showing up on the page.
This website is for people of all ages – including those under 18. We have to be careful with pictures. Every picture that is uploaded to the site must be screened before it is made public. Besides the obvious reasons, we also have to make sure that uploaded pictures are relevant. We don’t want you uploading a picture of your Aunt Mildred to the photo gallery of your last show. She may be a nice person and all, but she wasn’t in the show.

I do not want my personal information / picture on the internet. Can you take it off?
I can understand if you don’t want your picture up. You are welcome to change anything you like on your page – ultimately, it is up to you. But keep in mind that other people who are involved in shows with you may add your name to the cast / staff. Information about the shows that you were involved in is public knowledge – how else did we find it to put it up there?

I want to add a review for a show. The review is already on another website. Should I link to it or copy it?
Usually, if you found the review on someone else's website (like a newspaper's website), that article is copyrighted and may not be duplicated on our site.  In that case, you should fill in the title of the article, the author, date, and source, then just paste the web link to the article.  If you wrote the review, or you own the article, you may not only link to your own website, but you may choose to paste the entire text onto our site.  (Copyright issues are the main concern.  We may not have copyrighted material on our website without the permission of the author and/or owner of the material).

Can you add the ability to <_____> on the site?
We welcome all comments and suggestions on how we can make this a better website. There's always plenty of room for improvement.

How do you pay for this if it’s free?

Yes, running a website like this does cost money. We will rely on advertisements to pay the bills. So if you want to show your support, take notice of the ads on the pages. If one of the ads interests you, click on it to visit their site. The more people who continue to come to the site, the more people will advertise. So spread the word about the site and please keep coming back. If you’d like to advertise on the site or become a sponsor, please contact us.