Counting Squares Theatre

309 East 61st Street, Suite 12
New York NY 10065

Counting Squares Theatre is a grass roots ensemble company that serves to create theatre to both entertain and reflect the issues, struggles, and joys of our community.

Our primary task is to be awake and to the rouse the community around us. We express this through nurturing new works, showing reverence to the classics, and developing an annual project reflecting our perspective.

We give ourselves permission to take risks, to win and grow because we want to tell the truth the way we understand it to be.

Most importantly, we say yes. And, oh yeah: we believe in magic.

Spanky and Spry  (3/2010)
The Importance of Being Earnest  (11/2009)
Bigger Than i  (6/2009)
Camp Wanatachi  (3/2009)
Woyzeck  (9/2008)
Carpe Tunnel: Embracing the Struggle  (6/2008)
Boys' Life  (1/2008)
Bent  (10/2007)