Matt Standley

Matt Standley

Vocal Range: Baritone - Tenor    ·    Height: 6'1"    ·    Hair Color: Brown    ·    Eye Color: Brown    ·    Training: B.F.A. in Theatre Performance, Actor’s Express Intern Company (2008-2009)    ·    Special Skills: Dialects (British, Irish, French, German, Brooklyn), Beginning Combatant in Single Rapier    ·    Hometown: Kansas City, MO    ·    Born: 3/28/1986    ·    High School: Mandeville    ·    College: University of Southern Mississippi    ·    Occupation: Actor

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Disassembly - Stanley - Actor's Express - Melissa Foulger (4/2009)

Mauritius - Sterling U/S - Actor's Express - Freddie Ashley (2/2009)

The New Century - Mr. Charles U/S - ...Read More

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Matt Standley
Matt Standley
Matt Standley
Matt Standley

Stage Credits:
Father Danny.... Saints & Sisters: Nuns with Guns in Old New Orleans   (8/2014)(8/2014)(8/2014)
Eugene Kerrison.... A Truckload of Ink   (9/2013)
Leonato.... Much Ado About Nothing   (5/2013)
Friar Lawrence.... Romeo & Juliet   (11/2012)(12/2011)
Butcher / Ensemble.... Lewis Carroll's THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK   (2/2012)
Randy.... The Future is a Fancyland Place   (9/2011)
Eddie/Dr. Scott.... The Rocky Horror Show   (6/2011)
Martius/ Nurse/ Aemelius.... Titus Andronicus   (5/2011)
Bishop of Basingstoke.... Jekyll and Hyde: A Benefit Concert for St. John Theatre   (2/2011)
Howard *.... Meshuggah-NUNS!   (1/2011)
Chuck.... Burying Barbie   (11/2010)
Chorus.... La Boheme   (11/2010)(10/2010)(10/2010)
GoodNight - Bagman, Boy.... Halloween Double Feature   (10/2010)
Bellomy.... The Fantasticks   (8/2010)
Boy .... BLANK CANVAS, A One-Act Play by Christina Quintana   (7/2010)
R.F. Simpson.... Singin' In The Rain   (5/2010)
Bob the UPS Truck Driver, Penguin.... Play/Write Showcase   (4/2010)
Scott/Judge/Ensemble.... The Producers   (3/2010)
Transylvanian.... Richard O'Brien's The Rocky Horror Show   (10/2009)
Sea Captin/Priest.... Twelfth Night   (11/2007)
Sparkish.... The Country Wife   (4/2007)
Velveteen Rabbit/Skin Horse/Doctor.... Velveteen Rabbit  
William Carney *.... A Man of No Importance  
Jake Latta.... Night of the Iguana  
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Stage Manager.... Boys' Life   (2/2013)
Stage Manager.... La Concierge Solitaire   (11/2011)
Running Crew.... Closer   (3/2011)
.... Southern Rep New Play Bacchanal   (1/2011)
Run Crew.... Hairspray   (9/2010)
Assistant Director.... BLANK CANVAS, A One-Act Play by Christina Quintana   (7/2010)
Stage Crew..... Flaming Guns of the Purple Sage   (8/2009)
Assistant Director.... Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead   (5/2008)

Non-stage credits:

Kringle Crisis: The Search for Santa (48HFP) - Star - Zombie and the Brain (Shannon Kitchens)

Nightmare Works (48HFP) - Featured - Argh! Zombie and the Brain (Shannon Kitchens)

Godmother (48HFP) - Star - Beauvais Media (Shannon Kitchens)

Worn - Star - In This Style Productions (Shannon Kitchens)

Cagin of Chrysaint - Featured - Dana Elise Productions (Dana Elise)

Mansfield Park - Co-Star - Dana Elise Productions (Dana Elise)

Glub - Star - In This Style Productions (Shannon Kitchens)