The Elixir Of Love

The Elixir Of Love

Loyola Opera Theater    1/31/2009 - 2/1/2009 (schedule)

Category:  Opera · Dance · College

Act 1
The opening of this comic opera finds Nemorino, a poor peasant, in love with Adina, a beautiful landowner, who torments Nemorino with her indifference. When Nemorino hears Adina reading to her workers the story of Tristan and Iseult, he is convinced that a magic potion will gain Adina's love for him. He is afraid she loves the self-important Sergeant Belcore who appears with his regiment and immediately proposes marriage to Adina in front of everyone. The traveling quack salesman, Dulcamara (the self-proclaimed Dr. Encyclopedia), arrives, selling his bottled cure-all to the townspeople. Nemorino innocently asks Dulcamara if he ...Read More

Total performances: 2

Casey Candébat.... Nemorino *
Jacob Penick.... Belcore *
Jayme Hogan-Yarbro.... Adina *
Kenneth Webber.... Dulcamara *
Maria Elena Altany.... Adina *
Michael Davidson.... Nemorino *
Anna Wisenbaker.... Female Coro
Ashleigh Alleman.... Female Coro
Charles Skinner.... Male Coro
Dan Deshazo.... Male Coro
Dody Nolan.... Female Coro
Elizabeth Bogner.... Female Coro
Jasmine Blue.... Female Coro
Jimmy Dornier.... Male Coro
Lauren Berman.... Gianetta
Lindsey Piattoly.... Female Coro
Marley Dzis.... Female Coro
Matt McCann.... Male Coro
Miki Byrne.... Female Coro
Molly Burke.... Female Coro
Rachel Wilson.... Female Coro
Randy Bunnell.... Male Coro
Roberto Pasquariello.... Male Coro
Sara Kelly.... Gianetta
Sarah Teague.... Female Coro
Sharon Lambert.... Female Coro
Zachary Krengle.... Male Coro
*=featured role

Gaetano Donizetti .... 
David Morelock ....  Director
Carol Rausch ....  Musical Director; Conductor
Daniel deShazo ....  Choral Director


New Orleans Times Picayune Lagniappe 1/30/09

Notes: Female Coro:

Marley Dzis
Dody Nolan
Rachel Wilson
Sharon Lambert
Molly Burke
Lindsey Piattoly
Ashleigh Alleman
Elizabeth Bogner
Sarah Teague
Jasmine Blue
Miki Byrne
Anna Wisenbaker

Male Coro:

Dan Deshazo
Randy Bunnell
Jimmy Dornier
Charles Skinner
Zachary Krengle
Matt McCann
Roberto Pasquariello
References: Media; MPC
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