Moonlight & Magnolias

Moonlight & Magnolias

Written by: Ron Hutchinson 

Mendocino Theatre    2/21/2008 - 3/23/2008 (schedule)

Category:  Comedy

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Moonlight and Magnolias debuted in 2004, the result of playwright Ron Hutchinson’s plan to reveal to the world just what might have happened in that art deco office of David O. Selznick when his Civil War masterpiece was being born in 1939: The movie is in deep trouble…original director George Cukor has been fired and the script needs a re-write…hundreds of people are still being paid while the production is idle…Selznick has cornered Victor Fleming (director of The Wizard of Oz) and Ben Hecht (a Jewish-socialist-activist writer) in his office and he won’t let them out until the script is ...Read More

Total performances: 20

Ian Stigliani....
Luke Davis....
Patricia Willis....
Toby Rodriques....
*=featured role

Ian Stigliani ....  Director


Moonlight & Magnolias
"Frankly, my dear, this is one funny play…a rip-roaring farce…[with] witty, pointed dialogue and hilarious situations."
The New York Daily News
Moonlight and Magnolias
Like British actress Vivien Leigh, Irish writer Ron Hutchinson has inserted himself into that American classic Gone With The Wind by conceiving a hilarious week in which its producer David O. Selznick (Rob Nagle) locked writer Ben Hecht (Kip Gilman) and director Victor Fleming (Greg Mullavey) in his office to write the screenplay for Margaret Mitchell's best-seller. You don't have to be familiar with that or with movie-making to enjoy this full-blooded romp. Hutchinson uses the screwball comedy genre with a dash of Frank Capra ladled into Ben Hecht's political speeches and it all works. We don't need to worry about historical accuracy here, since what happened at Tara stays at Tara. We know there was lots of fiddling with the script credited posthumously mainly to Sidney Howard. Hecht, a respected journalist was also a dab Hollywood hand with scripts, and Fleming, a man's man, was Clark Gable's director of choice, brought in after Gable complained that George Cukor, beloved by his f
by Laura Hitchcock
A CurtainUp Los Angeles

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