Written by: William Gilmore 

Northwestern State University Theatre    10/31/2001 - 11/4/2001 (schedule)


Category:  Drama · College

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The Tragedy of Frankenstein is styled after a classic Greek drama and
incorporates the use of a Chorus Master and his Chorus of Imps to recount the tragic events surrounding Victor Frankenstein and his quest to create life. The play remains faithful to Mary Shelley's novel, but makes use of such theatrical conventions as choral chants, iambic pentameter, and multiple scenes­within-a-scene to underscore moral, ethical, political, and theological issues as relevant today as they were in Shelley's time.

Burrell said the first act focuses primarily on Victor and his obsession to create life where life does not exist. Though at ...Read More

Caroline Bolter.... Agatha *
Levi Petree.... *
Amie Clark....
Annie Fackler....
Chris Ware....
Dr Jack Wann....
Jeremy Rhodes....
Katie Guell....
Kerry Lambert....
Kyle Lemaire.... Old Man
Megan Shea....
*=featured role

Scott Burrell ....  Director
Becca Lynn Foster ....  Stage Manager
Courtney Young ....  Crew
Camill Sotomayer ....  Crew
Karen Burns ....  Crew
Mike Batusic ....  Crew
Hector Guivas ....  Crew
Thomas Shorrock ....  Technical Director
Alicia Schulz ....  House Manager
Brandon Wilks ....  Dramaturg

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