Morla Gorrondona

Morla Gorrondona

Vocal Range: mezzo/alto/belter    ·    Height: 5'9"    ·    Weight: 130    ·    Hair Color: red (for now)    ·    Eye Color: blue/green    ·    Training: H.B. Studios, BFA University of MS, Shakespeare Intensive, Dance Composition, Stage Combat,  Film     ·    Special Skills: Stage Combat, Dialects, Improv, making the ridiculous compelling &  the "baby cry"    ·    Hometown: River Ridge    ·    High School: Archbishop Chapelle    ·    College: University of Mississippi    ·    Occupation: actor/producer/accounts executive

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Morla Gorrondona
Morla Gorrondona
Morla Gorrondona
Morla Gorrondona

Stage Credits:
female alternate.... Flanagan's Wake   (2/2008)(9/2006)
Lin *.... The Great American Trailer Park Musical   (2/2008)
Tzeitel *.... Fiddler On The Roof   (1/2008)(1/2008)
Ghost of Christmas Future.... A Christmas Carol   (12/2007)
*.... Women's Work   (4/2007)
Interpretive Dancer.... Red Light District Variety Show   (3/2007)
Annelle.... Steel Magnolias   (1/2007)
Helena.... A Midsummer Night's Dream   (7/2006)
Penny Moon.... Pink Collar Crime   (5/2006)
Helena.... A Midsummer Night's Dream   (4/2006)
Jessica.... The Merchant Of Venice   (6/2005)
Wonder Woman.... Habit   (3/2005)
Narrator.... Pedestrians   (4/2003)
.... MMM... Comedy   (8/2002)
Montague Lady In Waiting.... Romeo And Juliet   (7/1998)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Combat Choreography.... Big Love   (4/2005)

Non-stage credits:
Little Lies, G, The Cutting Room Floor, F*** You Too

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