David Harold Eppley

David Harold Eppley

Sometimes credited as: David Eppley

Vocal Range: Tenor     ·    Height: 6'3    ·    Weight: 200#    ·    Hair Color: varies    ·    Eye Color: brown    ·    Training: NC School of the Arts, Dance Musical theater, Rollins College Vocal performance    ·    Special Skills: classicaly trained dancer and singer    ·    Hometown: Barberton Ohio    ·    Born: 2/20/1967    ·    High School: NC School Of The Arts    ·    College: Rollins College    ·    Occupation: singer/choreographer

Stage Credits:
Nigel.... Something's Afoot   (10/2007)
*=leading role

Stage Awards and Nominations:
Best featured actor nomination... Tomy Djilas "The Music Man" 1986
Best Featured Dancer nomination...Dream Curly "Oklahoma" 1990

Non-stage credits:
BOBO the Clown, reaccuring role "Bozo The Clown Show" 1973-1974 Daytona Beach Florida

Romper room, 1975-1976 Daytona Beach Florida