Timothy J. Cox

Timothy J. Cox

Sometimes credited as: Tim Cox, Timothy Cox, Timmy Cox

Vocal Range: Tenor    ·    Height: 5'6    ·    Weight: 165    ·    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde    ·    Eye Color: Hazel    ·    Hometown: Philadelphia, PA    ·    Born: 11/2/1976    ·    Occupation: Actor

Website: www.timothyjcox.com
IMDB Page: www.imdb.me/timothyjcox


In a career that began when he won the lead role in his eighth grade school musical, something that he auditioned for just to get out of Math class, critically acclaimed character actor Timothy J. Cox has shown no signs ...Read More

Stage Credits:
Moose / Ziggy / Eddie Knight.... The Asphalt Christmas   (12/2014)
Dan Woodruff.... Talk Radio   (9/2014)
Jay Green.... Avenue of the Americas   (1/2011)
Grumio.... The Taming of The Shrew  
Mr. Thorkelson.... I Remember Mama  
Douglas Reardon.... Belmont Avenue Social Club  
Christopher Mahon.... The Playboy of the Western World  
Arnall.... Line  
Writer # 1.... Jack Kerouac-Last Call  
Adam Peterson, Jr. .... A Soldier's Death  
The Saint.... The Cat and the Moon  
*=leading role

Non-stage credits:
Film and Television Credits at www.imdb.me/timothyjcox