A Letter from the Writer, Composer, Lyricist

Sunday November 09, 08
by Randy Bibb,

Guys, I can't thank you enough for bringing ONEPIECE to life! I went on opening night as a playwright and last night (Saturday) I went solely as an audience member. Perhaps I flatter myself by thinking I can be objective enough to step away from a 20-year labor of love but last night I think I did just that. I was a theatre critic in St. Louis for about 8 years and were I still (and not the author of this show) I'd say: ONEPIECE is supposed to splash - instead, it DAZZLES! You guys are all absolutely amazing! The chemistry between you is so, SO RIGHT!

Wendy and Chris - your sparring and parrying is fabulous! I never liked Hester (she is, after all, the villainess of the piece) until Wendy made her melt a little.  Chris ... oh, yes! You are so right for that role! Thank you for saying "yes."

Rebecca and Josh - HALF A HEART is heartbreaking! (As it should be!)  I'm not sure who has the better significant other - Woogie or Deanna! Their relationship is the perfect puppy love - which is a good thing, Miss Future-Veterinarian! (Today on the street I saw someone whom I'd given a tour to.  It seems he was there last night and he asked me if I'd had twelve years of tap.)

(... And ballet ...)

Tony - OMG, TONY! Mrs. Garland is just so much fun! You really own that scene.

Cammie - What can I say other than *HIC!* "Thank you for taking Louellen over the top."

T.J. - you're a fabulous comedian! The mayor is a HOOT!  (I'm sorry now I didn't give Mr. Davis more funny lines to get even more out of you!)

Timm - what a perfect venue for such a small show. Thank you for all you give to the community.

Glenn - you performed wonders with so many challenges. (But then, I knew you would.  I've seen you're work.  You're an extremely talented director.) I cannot thank you enough for having the faith in ONEPIECE and putting together the amazing show you did. I'll always love you for it and my gratitude is endless.

And last but not least - DONNIE JAY!  What can I say?  I owe so much to you ... as indeed I owe to you all! Thank you, thank you for making my dream come true.

And thank you ALL for my poster. I love it and it's hanging in my living room.

For as long as the show runs I'll tell my tourists about it and hope they'll all go to ONEPIECE and see it in all its fabulousness knowing that the dough they fork over ...

... Oh, nevermind.

Thank you all a thousand times for ONEPIECE! I love you all.

Yours til the shoe tree grows acorns!

Love -