Mount Carmel Academy

7027 Milne Blvd
New Orleans, LA 70124-2341  US
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In 1966,Anna Maria Franzella Calamia, an alumna of Mount Carmel Academy, founded STK or Shinto Torri Kabuki. (Japanese for God's Gateway to the Theatre) During Ms. Calamia's second year she was joined by Mike Raymond and in 1967-68 they jointly produced 3 shows including the first musical- Anything Goes. The following year audiences enjoyed productions of Barefoot in the Park, a series of One-Acts, Rufus the Rotten Rabbit, a Christmas play and Bye Bye Birdie. In 1969 STK became affiliated with the International Thespian Society, a world-wide organization dedicated to students of high school theatre.

Anna Maria returned to direct The Trojan Women in the fall of 1969 whild Mike directed David and Lisa with student directed one-acts. Mike Raymond was appointed the State Director of the International Thespian Society in the fall of 1970 and STK hosted the annual Conference while opening the dramatic season with 2 one-act plays directed by Mike Raymond and Robert Dupont. 1971 saw an all adult production of You're a Good Man Charlie Brown with Mike and Anna Maria as Linus and Lucy Van Pelt followed by a production of Dark of the Moon. Closing the season was Little Mary Sunshine. A perenial favorite, student directed one-act plays returned seasonally with the inclusion ot the season of The Mouse That Didn't Believe in Santa Claus and Cabaret.

1973 saw the induction of Pat Decker to the helm of STK with productions of Spoon River Anthology, The Little Match Girl and South Pacific.

Paul Werner then took over for STK with 6 one act plays, A Charlie Brown Christmas and the famous production of Gypsy closing the book on shows in the old gymnatorium.

A sparkling new state of the art Performing Arts Center was built to house STK and other facets of Mount Carmel's performing arts departments and opened with Encore, a retrospective of STK's past accomplishment as a springboard for what was yet to come. Godspell, Marathon '33, and the original musical One Star Rising. (First original musical in New Orleans High School history which was actually conceived, created and written by the hand picked cast and also spawned an original cast recording!)

Other originals came from the house of STK such as Omega Point, Quest, Magic on Every Corner, Aftermath and more as wel as hundreds of one act nights and other classic shows and musicals.

Continuing the historic legend of STK, other directors took over after Paul Werner's path led him to Ben Franklin and then N.O.C.C.A such as almnus Jorinda Junius, Alveena Cain and most recently, Alton Geno.

The Wizard of Oz  (4/2014)
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland  (10/2010)
Disney's Beauty and the Beast  (3/2010)
Bye Bye Birdie  (3/2009)
Little Shop Of Horrors  (12/2008)
Chicago  (4/2008)
The Odd Couple  (11/2007)
No, No, Nanette  (10/2007)
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat  (4/2007)
42nd Street  (1/2007)
Gypsy  (4/2005)
Hard Knock Life  (11/2004)
Once Upon A Mattress  (5/2004)
Into the Woods  (4/2003)
Cabaret  (3/2002)
Pippin  (4/1991)
A Chorus Line  (11/1990)
Alice in Wonderland  (11/1990)
Sweet Charity  (3/1982)
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown  (12/1980)
Godspell  (3/1980)
One Star Rising  (9/1979)
Marathon '33  (11/1978)
Godspell  (3/1977)
One Star Rising  (4/1976)
Gypsy!  (4/1975)
One Acts  (10/1974)
South Pacific  (5/1974)
A Midsummer Night's Dream