Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival

ORLANDO, FL 32801-1101  US

What IS Fringe?

Orlando Fringe Festival dates for 2007 are May 17 - 28 at Loch Haven Park!!

THE FRINGE MISSION: The Mission of the Orlando Fringe is to provide an accessible, affordable outlet that draws diverse elements of the community together and inspires creative experiences through the arts.

Not to be confused with “frilly decorative borders” or “extremist political parties”, “Fringe” is a “festival” or rather, a “celebration”, of the theatrical and performing “arts”. The Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival takes place in and around Loch Haven Park over the course of ten straight days. Frequently referred to as “the premier springtime cultural event in Central Florida,” The Orlando Fringe Festival “encompasses” more than 500 “uncensored” and “non-juried” shows.

The origination of the Fringe festival dates back to over 50 years ago in Edinburgh, Scotland. The story goes that there was an international performing arts festival going on in Edinburgh, strangely engouh called The Edinburgh International Festival, and a few theatre groups showed up uninvited. They had no place to stay, no place to put on their shows, and so they went home. Just kidding. They went to the ‘fringes” of the city to venues away from the main stages and put on their performances. Thus, The “Fringe” Festival was born.

Beth Marshall - Producing Artistic Director

Beth Marshall's belief in The Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival are the TRUE Fringe concepts of:
100% Unjuried
100% Uncensored
100% Accessible
100% of Box Office goes to the Artists

Genevieve Bernard - Associate Producer/genevieve@orlandofringe.org

Ryan Morris - Producer Assistant/Ryan@orlandofringe.org

Anna McCambridge - Visual Fringe Producer/visualfringe@yahoo.com

Mike Garvey - Box Office Manager

Carla Hicks - Box Office Manager

Rachel Joyce - Webmaster/RachelTJoyce@gmail.com

Arwen Lowbridge - Resident Grant Writer

Mark Baratelli - Social Network Manager/email@markbaratelli.com

Rozz Grigsby - Kid's Fringe Producer/Rozz877@hotmail.com

Matthew Allam - Fringe Photographer

Amy Hadley - Technical Director

Dave Summers - Assistant Technical Director

Jae Nale - Outdoor Events Coordinator

Corene Fry - Pet Fringe Cooridnator

Gyulya Peetz - International Fringe Intern

The Wait List Murders  (5/2015)
FrankenChrist: The Musical  (5/2014)
And Baby Makes Four  (5/2014)
Jekyll N'Hyde: a rap musical  (5/2014)
BARE: A Pop Opera  (5/2014)
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson  (5/2014)
See Rock City & Other Destinations  (5/2013)
Piranha! The Musical  (5/2013)
The Boy Who Stole The Sun  (5/2013)
TJ & Mr. Oaksite  (5/2013)
Little Shop of Horrors  (5/2012)
Here Be Dragons  (5/2008)
ctrl-alt-life  (5/2007)
Found & Lost: Goals for 2002  (5/2007)
Heart of Coal  (5/2007)
JAWZ: The Musical?  (5/2007)
L. A. Nasty  (5/2007)
Platelets  (5/2007)
Zombie Girlfriend  (5/2007)
Who the Hell is Heliogabalus?  (5/2007)
VarieTEASE: Carnivale  (5/2007)
Suitcase of Memories  (5/2007)
Stupid Kids  (5/2007)
String  (5/2007)
The Screw You Revue Starring Linwood Sassy  (5/2007)
The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over  (5/2007)
Sexual Confines (three one acts)  (5/2007)
OUTLOUD! Too Gay for Fringe?  (5/2007)
Maxim & Cosmo  (5/2007)
Runaways  (5/2007)
Rebel Without a Niche  (5/2007)
La Duchesse de Langeais  (5/2007)
Galapagos  (5/2007)
Curriculum Vitae  (5/2007)
Dishpig  (5/2007)
Father's Day  (5/2007)
Flamenco con Fusion  (5/2007)
American Racket  (5/2007)
Andrea's Revolution  (5/2007)
Breaking Glass  (5/2007)
Calculus: The Musical  (5/2007)
Poofy du Vey in Burden of Poof  (5/2007)
Chatterbox  (5/2007)
Six Characters: Best Show Ever!  (5/2007)
Psychic Follies  (5/2007)
Encore for the Diva  (5/2007)
Out of Pocket  (5/2007)
Light My Way (Premiere Workshop Production)  (5/2007)
BitchSlap!  (5/2007)
2007: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner  (5/2007)
52 Pick Up  (5/2007)
5ive  (5/2007)
A Love Lost Life  (5/2007)
Jesus in Montana: Adventures in a Doomsday Cult  (5/2007)
Bat Boy: The Musical  (5/2007)
P.S. 69: A Teacher Grows In Brooklyn  (5/2007)
The White Guy  (5/2007)
Mistero Buffo  (5/2007)
Love Isn't Black and White  (5/2007)
DRIP paint in motion  (5/2007)
Coming In  (5/2007)
Born To Be Asian  (5/2007)
Fool House  (5/2007)
Elvis and Roy: The Lost Concert  (5/2007)
Dancing with the Porn Stars  (5/2007)
Cupid and Psyche  (5/2007)
Random Show by the Extreme Improv Guys  (5/2007)
Matt & Ben  (5/2007)
Matanzas: A Survivor's Story  (5/2007)
Matador  (5/2007)
My Pal Bette  (5/2007)
Music Without Music  (5/2007)
Murder on West 18th  (5/2007)
Saint Kristie  (5/2007)
That Fading Scent of Pus*y: A Dangerous Comedy About Women and Aging  (5/2007)
Steel Magnolias  (5/2007)
SPORT: REMATCH  (5/2007)
Tod Kimbro: F-Bombs and G-Strings  (5/2007)
The Yellow Boat  (5/2007)
The Glamorous Andrea Merlyn Magic Show: The Return  (5/2007)
LIVE FEED  (5/2007)
Infidel!  (5/2007)
Harvey  (5/2007)
Waiting . . .  (5/2007)
boys, boys, boys!  (5/2007)
Pentecostal Wisconsin  (5/2007)
Bathhouse: The Musical!  (5/2006)
You're Being Watched  (5/2006)
First Comes Love  (5/2005)
Whipping Wally Wonker  (5/2004)
My Big Fat Gay Wedding  (5/2003)
Meat Street  (4/2001)
The Apple