One Eyed Jacks

NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130-2125  US

Divas X  (4/2010)
Fleur De Tease Valentine Revue  (2/2009)
Fleur De Tease  (12/2008)
Grenadine McGunkle's Double-Wide Christmas  (12/2008)
Fringe Fest Showcase  (10/2008)
Bastille Day Burlesque  (7/2008)
Whirlybones Circus Arts Spectacular  (5/2008)
Fleur De Tease: Send Us To L.A.  (5/2008)
Reform School Girls  (5/2008)
Fleur De Tease Hot Mama Revue  (5/2008)
Trannyshack  (4/2008)
Fleur De Tease Spring Fling  (3/2008)
Fleur De Tease Valentine Revue  (2/2008)
Fleur De Tease Calendar Girls Burlesque  (1/2008)
Grenadine McGunkle's Double-Wide Christmas  (11/2007)
Carrie's Facts of Life  (10/2007)
12th Night: The Drinking Game  (8/2007)
Twelfth Night: The Drinking Game  (8/2007)
Whirly Bones Variety Spectacular  (7/2007)
The Titanic Adventures Of The Love Boat Poseidon  (7/2007)
The Women  (5/2007)
Fleur De Tease Burlesque  (4/2007)
Grenadine McGunkle’s Double-Wide Christmas  (12/2006)
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang Burlesque Troupe  (9/2006)
Fleur De Tease Variety Burlesque Revue  (9/2006)
Corncobs, Hotdogs, And Other Dirty Secrets  (8/2006)
Wine Lovers: A Romance In Five Glasses  (5/2006)
All About Eve  (4/2006)
Grenadine McGunkle's Double-Wide Christmas Miracle  (12/2005)
Otherwise Harmless  (8/2005)
Nancy Drew And The Hardy Boys In The Wax Museum Mystery  (7/2005)
Valley of the Dolls  (6/2005)
Loose Hog In The House Of God  (4/2005)
Jour De Gloire  (4/2005)
Talking Tennessee  (4/2005)
The Gulls  (3/2005)
Bustout Burlesque  (3/2005)
Bustout Burlesque  (3/2005)