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Big Easy Entertainment Awards 2008
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Gary Rucker Posted: 3/11/2008 4:33 PM
only Hector would link a Stageclick article (accessible from the homepage) into a stageclick forum post. Talk about bored!
LaBarbara Posted: 3/11/2008 9:14 PM
Edited: 3/14/2008 10:12 PM


Congratulations to The Big Easy Entertainment Nominees and especially to the cast, producer, director, and technical crew of Valhalla

Wednesday, March 5, 2008 7:08 PM

From:"Patrick Shannon"

To:"Trau Hector Joseph"
Congratulations to The Big Easy Entertainment Nominees; and especially to the cast, producer, director, and technical crew of Valhalla  It was a pleasure to work as Publicity Director for Paul Rudnick's magical fantasy, Valhalla, presented at The Marigny Theatre.  Patrick Shannon, III, and I will be at the ceremony; rooting for this talented group.   

The best of luck to everyone.

Congratulations to those receiving special awards.

See you at the show


Hector J. Trau

webmaster for:

---  Patrick Shannon, III


Frederick Mead Posted: 3/12/2008 7:47 AM

Hi LizBeth et al,

Frederick Mead here, from the Big Easy Award Foundation. Here is how the voting works:

1) The Foundation has assembled a committee of 23 theatre folks who vote. The committee come from a variety of theatre backgrounds: critics, playwrights, and other people who *demonstrate* an eagerness to see 2 or 3 plays a week in New Orleans, North Shore, Metairie/Kenner, and West Bank. Each person sees about 100 plays a year.

2) In January, the committee assemble in a conference room with our piles of programs from the previous year. For each category (Best Comedy, Best Director of a Musical, etc) we shout out productions that stood out in the previous year. Just about every production that you liked gets a mention. FYI, there are some of us committee folk who specifically see university productions, child performances, and "indy" productions that are less likely to be seen than the latest Big Musical at a historic French Quarter community theatre.

At the end of that "remembering meeting", the committee go home and each write up their top 3 in each category.

4) The first group of nominees are tallied. Productions that float up to the top 3 positions are published in Gambit Weekly.

5) Then the committee receive a ballot with those 3 in each category. We each choose our favorite. The votes are tallied, and the winners are announced at the Big Easy Theatre awards Gala.

So in effect, this is a "limited" democratic process with a few checks and balances in place--but voting is the responsibility of the committee, not the general public.

Any director who wants the committee to see your production, send email to Invite us specifically, and let us know your comp policy. Two or even one comp make a big difference to our wallets. This is a volunteer job, and if we have to, we pay for tickets out of pocket. Comps help us a lot.

Ciao, Frederick

Meredith Long Posted: 3/12/2008 11:03 AM
Edited: 3/12/2008 11:04 AM

Thank you Frederick!

Since I am somewhat new to the  area I was confused on how it worked.  Who is on the committee? Is it kept quiet or is there a list? Do they have bios we could look at? Is there a Big easy website?

I would love to hear more about it , its history and its members.

It would also be nice to see Cabaret and Music Reviews in the Big Easy Nominations or is that in the Big Easy music awards?

Thank you again! and congratulations to all the Big Easy nominees!


Meredith Long

LaBarbara Posted: 3/12/2008 12:41 PM
Edited: 3/13/2008 8:14 AM
Great, Frederick--now, that's real info! (& I find your writings infinitely more interesting than wikipedia blurbs & will always read you whenever you post your own words.) Thanks for turning what had become another cybertrivia post into such valid, useful information.  
Certainly we knew I wasn't to cast a ballot, but after far too many months of cyberjunk, sarcasm is the best reply certain person(s) can expect these days...& is meant to suggest that someone as knowledgeable as yourself might impart something more worthwhile.  In reply to overposts, re-posts &, worst of all, spam & harassment, my voting query was prompted by multiple posts & spam about 1 person's opinion of 1 show which, if not solicitation "For Your Consideration", was baffling. redundant, invasive & ultimately out of place within this thread (really, once would have been quite enough).
Could we give Big Easy info its own thread in hopes of it not being buried or disappearing (as such posts do because of "Ignore" feature, causing others to potentially miss it as well)?  Why shouldn't Big Easy Committee & Gambit & have their own space to post their own wikipedias-youtubes or whatever they wish?  Heck, you guys got to see all those great performances, but you just might've had to sit thru a couple of clunkers along the way, too, so you deserve an ovation all your own, in my humble opinion...
Thanks--hope to see you there!
LaBarbara Posted: 3/12/2008 1:29 PM
Edited: 3/12/2008 10:34 PM
Hector Joseph Trau Posted: 3/12/2008 6:30 PM

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How Big Easy Theatre Awards Work
Frederick Mead  Posted: 3/12/2008 5:49 PM

by Frederick Mead

Glenn Meche Posted: 3/12/2008 10:33 PM
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Hector Joseph Trau Posted: 3/17/2008 9:06 PM
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