The Merry Wives Of Windsor

The Merry Wives Of Windsor

Written by: William Shakespeare 

Tulane University - Lupin Theatre    6/14/1996 - 7/6/1996 (schedule)

Category:  Comedy · Shakespeare

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Surely, the most eclectic production in the history of Tulane Shakespeare.

Total performances: 21

Janet Shea.... Mistress Meg Page *
Ron Gural.... Sir John Falstaff *
Shelley Poncy.... Mistress Alice Ford *
Alan Paul Lee.... Sir Hugh Evans
Bert Pigg.... Doctor Caius
Bob Krieger.... Host of the Garter Inn
Gavin Hoffman.... Simple
Greg Stratton.... Nym
Jim Fitzmorris.... Rugby
Jim Lobley.... Pistol
Joseph Goodrich.... Shallow
Larry Gray.... Mr. Page
Marion Zinser.... Mistress Quickly
Matthew Morgan.... Fenton
Michael Cahill.... Bardolph
Nick Sanzo.... Bardolph [1 perf.]
Robert DeFrank.... Mr. Ford
Robin A. Werner.... Ann Page
Tim Daley.... Slender
Zachary Sturm.... Robin
*=featured role

Nick Faust ....  Director
Laura Chaney ....  Lighting Design
Elizabeth Chaney ....  Set Design
Jeanne Button ....  Costume Design; Artistic Director
Joshua Epworth ....  Sound Design
Brad Robbert ....  Stage Manager
John A. Gerrets ....  Technical Director
Jennifer Pagan ....  Asst. Stage Manager
Jo Ellen Farrington ....  Asst. Stage Manager
Carol Stone Wright ....  Box Office Manager; House Manager
Joey Miles ....  Sound Operator; Administrative Intern
Ron Gural ....  Artistic Director
Paul Schierhorn ....  Artistic Director
Amy Cahn ....  Master Electrician
Robert DeFrank ....  Fight Choreographer
Lizzie Hermann ....  Wardrobe
Lynn Carter ....  Business Manager
Anamaria Vickery ....  Box Office Assistant
Monika Edelstein ....  Box Office Assistant
Matt Rota ....  Box Office Assistant
Trish McLain ....  Properties
Jim Fitzmorris ....  Company Manager
Jessica Vash ....  Assistant to the Director
Clydia A. Davenport ....  Managing Director
Steve Styron ....  Development Assistant
Neil Ingles ....  Light Board Operator
Martin Sachs ....  Sound Consultant; Light Consultant
Macdonald Eaton ....  Masks.
Michelle Pietri ....  Costume Shop Supervisor
Judith McWhorter ....  Costume Shop Supervisor
Andrea Taylor ....  Costume Shop Staff
Alex Atkin ....  Database Management
Michael Atwater ....  Box Office System Advisor


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Notes: A note on the photographs: In the production, to emphasize the Happy Ending, The Host Of The Garter Inn (Bob Krieger) would ask the company - now supposedly at a picnic - to gather together so he could take a picture of them, using an old instmatic. It got a big laugh. In order to make the flash, it was a functional camera and we put film in it. Though Falstaff (Ron Gural) was not to be in the shot, he would occasionally jump into the picture too. For the closing two-a-day, Cahill brought a good camera and so a couple of pretty fair cast pictures were the result...minus, of course, Gural (the lead) and Krieger (the photographer). Pictures of the cast's between shows picnic also seemed appropriate as an echo of the actual stage action.

Due to a prior commitment, Cahill was compelled to miss the first matinee performance and the role of Bardolph was filled by Sanzo.
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