The Winter's Tale

Delgado Community College Drama Hall    11/19/2013 - 11/24/2013 (schedule)

Category:  Shakespeare · College

King Leontes of Sicilia is a man consumed by jealousy. He is convinced that his wife, Hermione and his childhood friend, Polixenes, King of Bohemia, are lovers in secret. So adamant is his suspicion that Leontes attempts to imprison his wife, declare his offspring illegitimate, and kill the King of Bohemia. All allegations prove false, but not before the most tragic of consequences befall Leontes, leaving him widowed, heirless, and heartbroken. But that's not where the story ends... sixteen years pass, children grow, love endures, brothers reunite and second chances are given as the unbending hand of Time slowly but methodically works his magic. One of the last plays he ever wrote, The Winter's Tale stands as Shakespeare's most moving story of resurrection and reconciliation.

Total performances: 6

C. LeBeau.... Mamillius/Mopsa *
Cammie West.... Paulina/Time *
Dwight Doughty.... Old Shepherd *
Jennifer Lopez.... Dorcus/Second Lord *
John Gore.... Clown/Bear/Lord *
Mason Joiner.... Autolycus *
Miles Hendler.... Antigonus *
Olivia Ros.... Camillo *
Russell Giacontiere.... Florizel/Gaoler *
Steven Waldren.... Polixenes *
Tara Elizabeth Gehrkin.... Hermione *
Tiona Tyara Thompson.... Perdita/Emilia *
Tony Coco.... Leontes *
*=featured role

Michael Aaron Santos ....  Director
Jowharah Thompson ....  Stage Manager
Tom Dawson ....  Technical Director
James Means ....  Technical Director; Props Designer
Timothy K. Baker ....  Producer
Manuela Alonzo ....  Costume Assistant
Whitney Mixon ....  assistant stage manager
Veronica Russell ....  Costume Designer
Wesley Lawrence ....  Sound

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