Cinderella:  A Girl's Fairy Tale With Two Boys

Cinderella: A Girl's Fairy Tale With Two Boys

Rivertown Repertory Theater    12/2/2005 - 12/18/2005 (schedule)

Category:  Comedy

In response to being fired from Rivertown's production of Cinderella 48 hours before opening night, Gary Rucker and Sean Patterson wrote a two man version of Cinderella, which was presented as a "protest" immediately following the curtain call of the public performances of Rivertown's intended production. The two actors / writers had less than 48 hours to create the show, which gave a brief history of the origins of the story, as well as a tour of Cinderella's from around the world. The show, which was Rivertown's first offering following Hurricane Katrina, included step-sisters named Katrina and Rita, a Fema ...Read More

Total performances: 9

Gary Rucker.... Gary *
Sean Patterson.... Sean *
*=featured role

Gary Rucker ....  Director; Playwright
Sean Patterson ....  Director; Playwright
Laura Jean Hoffpauir ....  Stage Manager
James Jennings ....  Technical Director
Stacy Taliancich ....  Costume Coordinator
Julie Winn ....  Costume Coordinator
Christopher Ward ....  House Manager
Charles Ward ....  Photographer; Videographer; Publicity; Producer; Executive Director
Hunter McGregor ....  Building Supervisor
Catherine Primeaux ....  Operations Director.

Notes: [RRT # a
"Gary Rucker and Sean Patterson, who were to have appeared as the Step-Sisters in RRT's "Disney's Cinderella," were fired from the show 48 hours before opening night or the rights to perform the show would have been pulled. They were replaced with Maddie Bruno and Chelsea Armstrong, who were playing the step-sisters for the morning school performances. The reason given was that Disney would not allow men to appear as women in the play. Drawing upon their extensive experience in Children's Theater, Rucker & Patterson quickly cobbled together a performance illuminating the long history of the Cinderella legend through the ages and cultures. At the conclusion of the advertised performance, Rucker & Patterson (the latter shouting "Attica! Attica!") would come down the ailse and invite the audience to remain for their performance following an intermission." - MPC
References: Media; Cahill; MPC; Program
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