The Gnädiges Fräulein

The Gnädiges Fräulein

(no venue)    3/14/2013 - 3/23/2013 (schedule)

Producer: Four Humours

Category:  Comedy · Drama

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Venue: In the Performance space along the river across from the French Market

At the fantastical Cocaloony Bay, "the southernmost point of Terra Firma," gossip columnist Polly is searching for a scoop. Although normally Polly provides "the southernmost write-up of the southernmost gangbang" between lectures to the Audubon Society on the terrible cocaloony bird, today she's digging up the truth about Molly's boarding house, a place where "the dark angel checks the residents' dog tags" at night. Those residents include the self-explanatory Permanent Transient; Injun Joe, a blond-pigtailed wet dream of a fake Native American; and the Gnadiges Fraulein herself, ...Read More

Total performances: 6

Kathryn Talbot.... Polly *
Margeaux Fanning.... Molly *
Mary Pauley.... The Gnadiges Fraulein *
Daniel Schubert-Skelly.... Cocaloony
Daniel Schubert-Skelly.... Permanent Transient
David Cole.... Injun Joe
*=featured role

Jennifer Growden ....  Director
Stacie LeJeune ....  Stage Manager
Margeaux Fanning ....  Production Manager
Michael Martin ....  Production Assistant
Aura Shannon ....  Assistant Director
Jane Talton ....  Graphic Artist

Record created by: Michael Martin

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