The Pied Piper of New Orleans

The Pied Piper of New Orleans


Category:  Children · Regional Premiere

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Freely and fancifully adapted from the famous poem by Robert Browning.

Set near the docks in New Orleans in the 1930s, three families are plagued by rats. Trying everything short of voodoo, they decide to bring in an outsider, to solve their problem. Abernathy, a Cajun musician is reputed to have rid others of bats and gnats through his music. Bargains are made, and torrid melodies are played at midnight, and rats move. Then promises are broken and, ultimately, teenagers of the neighborhood are lured away by a jazzy dance tune.

Folks who put him in a passion find that he pipes to another fashion.

Abby Nance.... Leah Sanduski *
Damien Midkiff.... Carl *
Denise Centola.... Norabeth Backstrom *
John Kimble.... Keith *
Porter Nolan.... Abernathy *
Richard Arnold.... Commander Backstrom *
Sasha Junius.... Phoebe *
Tiffany Clinton.... Madeline Deceaux *
Christina McGowen.... Rat
Ellie Carol.... Rat
Emily Antrainer.... Rat
Sarah Niles.... Rat
*=featured role

Cassie Steck Worley ....  Director
Debbie Pugh ....  Musical Director
Ed McIntyre ....  Lighting Design
Michael Brown ....  Stage Manager
Robert Weeks ....  Technical Director
Edward R. Cox ....  Production Design

Record created by: edwardrcox

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