The Municipal Abattoir

The Municipal Abattoir

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The Municipal Abattoir is play by Tennessee Williams that was written in the 1960s and published in 2004. It is not well-known and considered to be one of his lost plays, published after his death. The play invites the audience into a dystopia, centered around a totalitarian dictatorship. An omnipresent General runs the military state, much like the character of Big Brother in the "1984" novel by George Orwell. In this world, the character of a Boy leaves his lover to assassinate the General. Along the way he meets a lost Clerk who seeks the Municipal Abattoir to save his daughter (abattoir is the French word for slaughterhouse). The Abattoir actually slaughters and produces food from humans, due to the nation resorting to cannibalism in order to sustain itself.

Total performances: 2

Andrew Gude.... Boy
Lewis Baker.... Clerk
Priscilla Jenkins.... Girl
*=featured role

Adrienne Burns ....  Director; Make- Up
Caitlin Manning ....  Lighting Design
Taylor Cambas ....  Stage Manager
Robert Self ....  Technical Director
Lauren Imwold ....  Lighting Operator
Tyler Yee ....  Sound Operator
Adam Alonso ....  Scenic Designer
David Hanks ....  Run Crew
Gabi Rivera ....  Graphic Artist
Samantha Ritter ....  assistant stage manager
Andrew Niemann ....  Sound Designer
Monica R. Harris ....  Assistant Box Office Manager

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