All Shook Up!

All Shook Up!


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Connor Macloud.... Jim *
Emily Srofe.... Sandra *
Ethan Lowery.... Earl *
Johnathan M. Portier.... Dean *
Kohen Verrette.... Chad *
Lauren Dieck.... Matilda *
Mariah Dunbar.... Lorraine *
Mariah Strickland.... Sylvia *
Michael Braud.... Dennis *
Shay Guidry.... Natalie *
Danny Gill.... soloist
*=featured role

Christopher Milligan ....  Light Technician
Blake Edwards ....  Production Stage Manager
Michael Braud ....  Lighting Assistant
Jonathan Pittman ....  Lighting Assistant
Scott Sauber ....  director / set designer
Melanie St. Cyr ....  music director
Nicole Eckrich ....  CHOREOGRAPHER
Josh Brewer ....  Assistant Choreographer

Notes: the following members of the class of 2010 will be in the ensemble. If you would like to take the time to register yourself above and join the official list, please feel free. See you in rehearsal!

Jessica Aguillard
Chris Barnes
Shanee' Barthelemy
Brooke Baudot
Mary Bergens
Robin Bergeron
Katie Borchert
David Bouchereau
Jessica Brand
Rachel Braud
Devin Breazeale
Justin Buckler
Ablgail Byeiley
Aldo Calix
Tiffany Cangelosi
Ana Carter
Dominick Carter
Melissa Castro
Tim Causey
Devon Ciruti
Shea Clements
Jasper Cook
Sara Cranford
Samantha Cuellar
Robert Culberson
Maudie Cusimano
Christopher Dakin
Dylan Dewenter
Melissa Dodson
Meghan Dove
Jasmine Ducre
Sydney Edwards
Evan Faciane
Danice Fealko
Rachel Fenasci
Justin Finnegan
Casey Fiorella
Hannah Ford
Harriette Fraticelli
Hannah Gambrell
Stephen Garrett
Erica Geeting
Colton Gleason
Kaitlyn Godwin
Paige Hanna
Juan Hernandez
Brittany Herron
Jake Hoffmann
Alexis Howell
Ashleigh Johnson
Vincent Johnson
Emily Kern
Meaghan laFerrara
Jordan Landry
Taylor Larche
Amanda Law
Sierra Little
Ethan Lowery
Lisa Loyacono
Allison Mackin
Justin Mattern
Travis Mattsson
Sabrina McLeed
Reginald McNeil
Erica Menner
Kyla Millsap
Gabriella Mistsetta
Chris Nguyen
Quan Nguyen
Taylor Nichols
Jennifer Normand
Maria Ochoa
Taylor Ogden
Jacob Penton
Justin Penton
Jonathan Pittman
Hannah Plavnick
Sally Retz
Ronald Richardson
Nikki Sanders
Vinny Scandariato
Kayla Schmalz
Jessica Schnell
Megan Schumaker
Thomas Simmons
Kabrina Small
Adam Smith
Hayden Smith
Kacie Smith
Kierra Smith
Megan Smith
Joshua Stearman
Branden Summers
Justine Sundrud
Nia Sylve
Kasey Terrebonne
Joe Thomas
Shamari Thompson
Lindsy Torres
Brooke Trabona
Kaieaisha Ussin
Aric Van Iterson
Britany Vanderliest
Logan Welch
Ashley Willey
Cameron Williams
Jack Woodham
Rachael Yates
Malcolm Young-Hernandez
Angelle Zeringue
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