Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Written by: Lewis Carroll 

Category:  Comedy · Children · Community

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Jennylyn Caterina.... Alice *
Cheryl R. Segraves.... Actor/The Cook
Christa Rumley.... Actor/The Seven of Hearts
Christian Al-Hagal.... Actor/The Mad Hatter
Conner Pinson.... Actor/The White Rabbit
Dr. John Caterina.... Actor/The King of Hearts
Grace Holland.... Actor/The Dormouse
Graciela Tabor Jones.... Actor/The Cheshire Cat
Gwen Presson Holland.... Actor/The Queen of Hearts
Jessica Copous.... Actor/The Duchess/The Mock Turtle
Khrystian Bynum.... Actor/The Two of Hearts
Sandi Walden.... Actor/The March Hare/The Gryphon
Seth M. Segraves.... Actor/The Mouse/The Knave of Hearts
Tyler Padgett.... Actor/The Frog Footman
Zachary Mebane.... Actor/The Fish Footman
*=featured role

Roy H. Wilhite, Jr. ....  Director; Set Design; Poster Design; Properties; Costumes; Program Design; Set Construction & Painting; Set Decoration
Chastity Fortenberry ....  Stage Manager
Dr. John Caterina ....  Set Crew; Light Design
Jennylyn Caterina ....  Set Crew
Emily Hollingsworth ....  Set Crew
Lindsay Butler ....  Light Design
William Glennon ....  Adaptation
Joanne Turner ....  Light Crew
Tyler Padgett ....  Light Crew
Shonna Vowell ....  Box Office Staff

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