Written by: Rosary O'Neill 

Southern Rep Theater    5/28/1993 - 6/6/1993 (schedule)

Category:  Drama · Professional

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Barret O'Brien.... Bunky Legere *
Diana Boylston.... Jasmine Rush *
Janet Shea.... Irene Dubonnet *
Silas Cooper.... Rooster Dubonnet *
Angela Gauntt.... understudy
Camille Dennis.... understudy
Joe Warfield.... Quint Legere
Scott Buckley.... understudy
Tony Gregoire.... understudy
*=featured role

Joe Warfield ....  Director
Lloyd Vogt ....  Set Design
Elisia Shofstahl ....  Costume Design
Paul Werner ....  Sound Design
Nancy Lindell Askew ....  Stage Manager
Elise O'Neil ....  Crew
Ashley McGill ....  Crew
Scott Buckley ....  Crew; Intern
Lorraine McHee ....  Crew
Kyle Butler ....  Crew
Raina Zelinski ....  Crew
Caroline Perrotta ....  Crew
Beth Dawson ....  Crew
Curtis Wynique ....  Hair Styling
Ed Twaskas ....  Sound Operator
Rosary H. O'Neill ....  Artistic Director
Richard Vallon ....  Photographer
Jim O'Rourke ....  Photographer
Luke Ducote ....  Photographer
Robert Self ....  Production Manager; Light Design
Richard P. O'Neill ....  Executive Director
David Allen Briggs ....  Graphic Design
Brad Webb ....  Intern
Shawn Adams ....  Intern; Props; Light Board Operator
Jay Galle ....  Intern; Assistant to the Director
Beth Dalton ....  Intern
Denise Gremillion ....  Intern
Eddie Carr ....  Intern
Debbie Wise ....  Props
Russell Hodgkinson ....  Assistant to the Director
Erin Bortles ....  Assistant to the Director
Kathie Pearse ....  Development Director
Angela Johnson ....  Box Office.
Susan Frieda ....  Box Office.
Ted Butler ....  Office Assistant
John Ricotta ....  Office Assistant
Chuck Stewart ....  Auditor


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