All My Sons

All My Sons

Written by: Arthur Miller 

Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre    2/16/1948 - 2/24/1948 (schedule)
Tulane - Dixon Hall    2/27/1948 - 2/28/1948 (schedule)

Category:  Drama · Community · College

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Total performances: 12

Eugene H. Sonfield, Jr..... Joe Keller *
Orrie Summers.... Kate Keller *
C. Stocker Fontelieu.... Dr. Jim Bayliss
Dan W. Mullin.... Dr. Jim Bayliss
Freddie Kullman.... Bert
Julian Miester.... Chris Keller
Louis Cajoleas.... George Deever
Margaret O'Neill.... Lydia Lubey
Mildred Fossier.... Sue Bayliss
Pat Fowler.... Ann Deever
Richard Greene.... Bert
Robert L. Willard.... Frank Lubey
*=featured role

Darrell Ross ....  Director; Associate Director
George W. Hendrickson ....  Set Design; Costume Design; Technical Director
Killian Charbonnet ....  Stage Manager
Ethel Crumb Brett ....  Technical Director
Hugh Jones ....  House Manager
Monica Tierney ....  Wardrobe
Barbara Armstrong ....  Wardrobe
Monroe Lippman ....  Executive Director
Robert Hyde Wilson ....  Associate Director
Jacob Wilbur ....  Master Carpenter
John Daly ....  Properties
Mildred Levy ....  Assistant to the Director
Casilda C. Rayl ....  Administrative Secretary
Anice Temple ....  Publicity Director
David Mattison ....  Make- Up
Lorraine Longmire ....  Lighting.
Roy Grubb ....  Lighting.

Notes: [TUT #44/47] [LPT #
For some reason, this production has caused confusion in the traditional listing of Le Petit Theatre productions. LPT once included a listing of all their past productions in the season opening program. This custom was later changed to every five years. The roster in the 75th season program ("The Lion In Winter," 1991) omitted production number "233. All My Sons." An attempt was made to correct this was made in the 80th season program ("Sophisticated Ladies," 1996). However, what was done was that "All My Sons" was still left out, the next production - "The Late George Apley" - was renumbered #233 and all succeeding productions were misnumbered in turn.
Richard Greene and Freddie Kullman were double-cast in the role of "Bert" and appeared on alternate nights. Dan Mullin became ill during the run and was replaced as "Dr. Jim Baylis" - for 4 performances at 5 hours notice.
References: Chapman; Cahill; Yearbook; Program
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