Eat Pudding

Eat Pudding

Producer: DramaRama

Category:  Comedy · World Premiere

Inspired by scientists’ recent discoveries about the unusual mating habits and intimidating beauty rituals of the Egyptian vulture, EAT PUDDING focuses on two pairs--one male, one female--of this species of bird. After two introductory scenes, two pairs of Egyptian vultures (males, Ramses and Thutmose; females, Nefertari and Hathor) hook up at the pyramids; the sexier Hathor pairs off with the more studly Ramses, leaving Nefertari slightly jealous. Back in their respective nesting areas, Hathor and Ramses give Nefertari and Thutmose, respectively, tips on how to impress the opposite sex. Hathor and Ramses then go on a “date” which starts off ...Read More

Gary Rucker.... Ramses *
Sean Patterson.... Thutmose *
Jen Lindsley.... Nefertari
Nichole Brooks.... Hathor
*=featured role

Brian Sands ....  Director; Playwright
David Kunian ....  Lighting Design; Stage Manager; Technical Director

Notes: DramaRama 11.
References: MPC
Record created by: bsnola

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