The Merchant of Venice

The Merchant of Venice

Strawdog Theatre    3/27/2004 - 5/15/2004 (schedule)


Just another day in Venice as old money and new money meet head-on.

Shylock, big fish in the Jewish banking community, has made his money the old fashioned way: a slow, back-breaking climb up the corporate ladder. Antonio, goy-wonder of the Venetian financial world, has made his fortune by playing fast and loose with the markets and some white-knuckle investments. The fact is: they don't like each other. But now Antonio's about to make the highest risk investment of his life.

Antonio's buddy Bassanio, perpetually down-and-out, wants to travel to near-by Belmont and try his luck at a game of ...Read More

Sean Sinitski.... Shylock *
Anderson Lawfer.... Lancelot Gobbo
Bob Weagant.... Tubal, Balthazar
Bryson Engelen.... Morocco
Chris Hainsworth.... Bassanio
Esteban Andres Cruz.... Suitors' Train
Frederick Garcia.... Arragon
James Elly.... Lorenzo
John Henry Roberts.... Gratiano
John LaGuardia.... Solanio
Julia Siple.... Nerissa
Melissa Sienicki.... Jessica
Michael Dailey.... Antonio
Pamela Klarup.... Duke
Sean Cooper.... Salerio
Shannon Hoag.... Portia
*=featured role

G.J. Cedarquist ....  Director
Evin Eubanks ....  Stage Manager
Elizabeth Schuch ....  Scenic Designer
Erin Miller ....  Asst. Set Designer
Elizabeth Schwan-Rosenwald ....  Properties
Mikhail Fiksel ....  Sound Designer
Sean Mallary ....  Lighting Designer
Joshua D. Allard ....  Costume Designer

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