Tooth of Crime - Second Dance

Tooth of Crime - Second Dance

Written by: Sam Shepard 

Strawdog Theatre    4/8/2006 - 5/27/2006 (schedule)


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In the near future, America is torn into competing factions and city-states and the main attraction — the only attraction — is The Game. A global battle for status and territory played by ruthless rock-and-roll warlords, played according to rules issued by a mysterious council of Keepers, played for the excitement and entertainment of a tiny upper class, while everyone else gets trampled underneath.
Hoss has been at the top of The Game for a long time, a warrior king with nothing left to conquer, safe with his entourage behind the walls of his desert fortress. Driven half wild by ...Read More

Carmine Grisolia.... Hoss *
John Henry Roberts.... Crow *
Amanda Eaton.... Kelpie
Brian Amidei.... Ref
Carolyn Klein.... Becky
Chris Hainsworth.... Chaser
James Anthony Zoccoli.... Ruido Ran
John Ferrick.... Meera
*=featured role

Nic Dimond ....  Director
Erin Carlson ....  Stage Manager
Laura Dieli ....  Production Manager
Kyle D. Hillman ....  Producer
Robert Moore ....  Scenic Designer
Mikhail Fiksel ....  Music Director; Composer
Sean Mallary ....  Lighting Designer
Aly Greaves ....  Costume Designer
Tom Hickey ....  Projections

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