Women & War

Women & War

Ashe Cultural Arts Center    4/4/2008 - 4/5/2008 (schedule)
Contemporary Arts Center    4/9/2008 (schedule)

Category:  Comedy · Drama · Revue · World Premiere

Theatre artists Jennifer Pagan and Diana E.H. Shortes directed "Women & War," an evening of original performance. In the week before the big Vagina Lovefest in the Superdome, local women artists explored the wars women wage through monologues, comedic sketches, original song, spoken word, video montage, storytelling and super heroine fantasy.

"Women & War" featured writings and performances by Sivan Ambrose, Gina "Ginger" Bernal, Kerry Cahill, Keisha "Peaches" Caldwell, Sarah James, Nattie, Jennifer Pagan, Francine Segal, Diana E.H. Shortes, Minka Stoyanov, Amy Woodruff, Amy Wilson, Lisa Shattuck, Kiyoko McCrae, Liz Garcia, Marsha Masterson, Shonda O'Kema Favaroth and more.

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Total performances: 3

Amy Wilson.... Ensemble
Amy Woodruff.... Ensemble
Diana E.H. Shortes.... Ensemble
Francine Segal.... Ensemble
Gina "Ginger" Bernal.... Ensemble
Jennifer Pagan.... Ensemble
Kerry Cahill.... Ensemble
Keshia "Peaches" Caldwell.... Ensemble
Kiyoko McCrae.... Ensemble
Lisa Shattuck.... Ensemble
Liz Garcia.... Ensemble
Marsha Masterson.... Ensemble
Minka Stoyanov.... Ensemble
Natasha "Nattie" Sanchez.... Ensemble
Sarah James.... Ensemble
Shonda O'Kema Favaroth.... Ensemble
Sivan Ambrose.... Ensemble
*=featured role

Diana E.H. Shortes ....  Director; Creator / Performer
Jennifer Pagan ....  Director; Creator / Performer
Minka Stoyanov ....  Video Designer
Kerry Cahill ....  Creator / Performer
Francine Segal ....  Creator / Performer
Amy Woodruff ....  Creator / Performer
Sarah James ....  Creator / Performer
Keshia "Peaches" Caldwell ....  Creator / Performer
Natasha "Nattie" Sanchez ....  Creator / Performer
Gina "Ginger" Bernal ....  Creator / Performer
Marsha Masterson ....  Creator / Performer

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