Plaza Suite

Plaza Suite

Written by: Neil Simon 

Bayou Dinner Theatre    5/18/1989 - 6/25/1989 (schedule)

Category:  Comedy · Professional

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Total performances: 25

Ed Brown.... Sam Nash; Jesse Kiplinger; Roy Hublley *
Janet Shea.... Karen Nash; Muriel Tate; Norma Hubley *
Kathleen Taaffe.... Muriel Tate [2 perf.]
Keith Bryant.... Waiter
Michael Cahill.... Borden Eisler; Bellman
Sandi Broussard.... Karen Nash [2 perf.]
Shirl Cieutat.... Norma Hubley [2 perf.]
Susan Rowe Laborde.... Jean McCormack; Mimsey Hubley
*=featured role

Stocker Fontelieu ....  Director; Executive Director
Edward R. Cox ....  Set Design; Set Construction; Set Decoration; Set Decoration
Bobbie Collins ....  Stage Manager
Jet Templeton ....  Technical Director; Set Construction
Arthur W. Tong ....  Photographer
D'Anna Stanton ....  Set Construction
Joan Kelly ....  Wardrobe; Props
Paula Mule ....  Business Manager; Box Office.; Make-Up & Hair-Styling
Becky Whorton ....  Props
George Kelly ....  Managing Director
Keith Bryant ....  Light and Sound Design
Mary Klein ....  Box Office.; Tourism Manager
Gilda Perkins ....  Press Agent
Mary Campbell ....  Pre-Show Pianist
Michael Cahill ....  Asst. Light & Sound Operator


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Notes: [BDT #35]
Janet Shea had a pre-existing commitment to appear with Paul Newman in the film "Blaze" about Governor Earl K. Long. When her two-day shoot required her absence from BDT's "Plaza Suite," her role was filled by Sandi Broussard in Act I, Kathy Taaffe in Act II, and Shirl Cieutat in Act III. In 1971 at Gallery Circle, Cieutat played Act III's Norma Hubley as Shea played Act II's Muriel Tate.
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