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Allen Jones, Jr..... The Doctor (The Devil) *
Beth Duke.... Lissi (a succubus) *
Claire Louise Pukas.... The Girl *
Erica Rosher.... Agathe (all purity and goodness) *
Paul Graham III.... Alexander (Headless Man/Messiah) *
Roy H. Wilhite, Jr..... Mephistophilis (a vampire) *
Wayne Allen Jones.... The Youth *
Ann-Elise Yarborough.... A Gambler; A Whore; The Prosecuting Attorney
Ben Cook.... A Gambler; The Torturer
Callie Solano.... Masked Man; Worker; Whore; Mother
Laurie Kruse.... A Gambler
Myron A. Crockett.... The Drunk; The Father
Nancy Schweitzer.... Masked Man; Worker; Whore; Fortuneteller
Philip Frigo.... Murderer; Innkeeper; Judge
Richard Williamson.... The Voice
Robert J. Nunez.... A Waiter (Judas Iscariot)
Stephanie Carey.... Masked Man; Worker; Whore
*=featured role

Tanda Dykes ....  Director
Jacqueline Sokel ....  Translation
Pat McGuire ....  Sound Engineer
UNO Student Activities Council ....  Producer

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