Written by: B.T. Ryback 

Producer: Theatre UNO

Category:  Comedy · Drama · World Premiere · College

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The Three Weïrd Sisters from Shakespeare’s Macbeth are on the lam in Denmark. Warned by the “signs”, the eldest sister, Torrence, and the youngest sister, Harper, fear that the awful deeds they committed in Scotland have finally caught up with them, and once again they make plans to flee.

One thing, however, stands in their way: their middle sister, Linn. Tired of life on the run, she disavows her sisters, pledging to do anything, even turn them in, if it meant they would no longer have to run away from their past.

A knock on the door brings a mysterious ...Read More

Total performances: 5

Ellen Buschang.... Torrence *
Jessica Salamin.... Harper *
Natalie Boyd.... Linn *
Josh Simpson.... Douglas
*=featured role

Beau Bratcher ....  Director; Sound Design; Box Office Manager
Leah Scantlen ....  Costume Design
Natalie Boyd ....  Sound Design
Caroline Langlois ....  Stage Manager
Maria Christina Bucalan ....  Props Design
Kevin Hughes ....  Poster Design
Joyce Deal ....  Box Office Assistant
Nina Creel ....  Costume Crew
Kevin Griffith ....  Scenic Design & Constuction
Ryan P. Bruce ....  stage crew
Malcolm Mansour ....  stage crew
Lyn Caliva ....  Light Design


Tennessee gets his 'Weird' on
Play competition winners in the Williams festival spotlight
by David Cuthbert
The Times Picayune 3/29/08

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