The Compleat Works Of Shakespeare (Abridged)

The Compleat Works Of Shakespeare (Abridged)

(no venue)    5/18/2012 - 5/19/2012 (schedule)

Category:  Comedy

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Tickets are available at P.J.'s Coffee in Chalmette
or 301.8770

"You'll see 37 plays in 97 minutes, and laugh out-loud the entire evening."

This is the promise being made by Barry Lemoine as Shine Productions proudly anounces its return to Flour Power Playhouse in Chalmette with the hilarious, irreverent "Compleat Works of Shakespeare, Abridged."

Lemoine, the director of the show, said that everyone is excited to bring the production back to Chalmette.

The show appeals to audiences of all ages and has also received critical acclaim. Al Shea of WYES television's "Steppin' Out," reported

"In less than two hours, three ...Read More

Total performances: 2

Barry Lemoine....
Christian Bordelon....
William Schneider....
*=featured role

Barry Lemoine ....  Director
Katherine Lemoine ....  Producer


The Sixty-Second Interview: Barry Lemoine
by Chris Rose
Times Picayune/ Lagniappe 3/14/08

Notes: Patrick Shannon, Crescent City Chronicles:

"This kind of comedy takes a specially gifted kind of actor and director and that's what we get in this production with director Barry A. Lemoine. This explosive high octane physical comedy and mercurial stage presence could be compared to the Marx Brothers and/or The Three Stooges. It requires excellent timing, quick costume changes, and a lot of pratfall type stage business, and that's what we get in this very funny production starring Christian Bordelone, Barry A. Lemoine, and Will Schneider. These guys are really good. Their self confidence and joy in the hard work they do on stage really sparkles and shines and explodes to the delight of the audience. All of the three performers had a natural ability for the comedic quicksilver theatrics required to make such a satire as this one work."

Al Shea, WYES Tv Steppin' Out:

"In less than two hours, three young and super energetic clowns, Christian Bordelone, Barry A. Lemoine, and William Schneider, take us on a whirlwind jaunt through many of the Bard's great works. It is all performed like a speeding bullet, with the boys playing all of the parts, falling over each other to enter and exit with and without wigs and funny hats. It is reminiscent of the Three Stooges. The audience loves their silly shenanigans and laughed out loud from start to finish."
References: Media; MPC
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