One-Act Play Marathon

One-Act Play Marathon

Written by: A. R. Gurney , David Mamet , Harold Pinter , Roy London , I. Horovitz , Sam Shepard , Slawomir Mrozek 

Producer: Theatre UNO

Category:  College

Ashley Bishop.... Deborah Soloman (Sexual Perversity in Chicago) *
Brenda Brockhoeft.... Carol (Red Cross) *
Christopher Prince.... Jim (Red Cross) *
Gary Rucker.... Male (Acrobats) *
Jamie Studdard.... Bernard Litho (Sexual Perversity in Chicago) *
Joshua Epworth.... Bill (The Golden Fleece) *
Kathleen Eason.... Betty (The Golden Fleece) *
Kimmen Allen.... Female (Acrobats) *
Kimmen Allen.... Joan Webber (Sexual Perversity in Chicago) *
Mario Taormina.... Man (It's A Small World) *
Mario Taormina.... Fat Castaway (Out At Sea) *
Michelle Sharp.... Medium Castaway (Out At Sea) *
Nancy A. Slezak.... Flora (A Slight Ache) *
Renee Breaux.... Woman (It's A Small World) *
Richard Mayfield.... Edward (A Slight Ache) *
Roy H. Wilhite, Jr..... Thin Castaway (Out at Sea) *
Scott Daigle.... Daniel Shapiro (Sexual Perversity in Chicago) *
Barrett Welding.... Danny (Danny and the Deep Blue Sea)
Erin Wendt.... Maid (Red Cross)
Gary Widland.... Butler (Out At Sea)
Kelly Keegan.... Postman (Out At Sea)
Nicole Barre.... Roberta (Danny and the Deep Blue Sea)
Roy H. Wilhite, Jr..... The Matchseller (A Slight Ache)
*=featured role

Cherie Ducote ....  Director
Deet Cohen ....  Director
Stephen Greene ....  Director
Glenn Collins ....  Director
Nancy A. Slezak ....  Director
Pamela Crevcoure ....  Director
Akram Fakhfakh ....  Director
Cary Sachs ....  Director
Charlotte A. Glas ....  Stage Manager
Renee Breaux ....  Asst. Director
Donald King ....  Asst. Director

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