Lines in the Sand

Lines in the Sand


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"Lines in the Sand is not going to be your typical theater," director Scott Burrell said. "Even the audience will play an important role in this production."

Burrell said the audience will be asked to surpass their role as observers and become participants in the production.

Burrell said the audience will be split up into five groups and moved around to several stages throughout the theater building.

Burrell said "Lines in the Sand" began as a title of a play and an idea in a class of 30 students. After research and a discussion of themes, the class compiled a ...Read More

Darcy Malone.... Ensemble *
Adam Breaux.... Ensemble
Alicia Schulz.... Ensemble
Amie Clark.... Ensemble
Bob....... Ensemble
Courtney Young.... Ensemble
Heather Marie-Ann Smith.... Ensemble
James Palmer.... Ensemble
Jessica Marasco.... Ensemble
Katie Guell.... Ensemble
Levi Petree....
Mark Gomez....
Matthew Larkin.... Ensemble
Stephanie Sperry.... Ensemble
Taryn Vinet.... Ensemble
Teddric Matthews.... Ensemble
Tony Blanco.... Ensemble
Wanetah Walmsley....
*=featured role

Scott Burrell ....  Director

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