To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird

Written by: Christopher Sergel  Original Book by: Harper Lee 

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Clay Brown Barger.... Maudie Atkinson *
Kirk Towater.... Jeremy "Jem" Finch *
Madison Wood.... Jean Louise "Scout" Finch *
Mark Grinnell.... Atticus Finch *
Michael Higgenbottom.... Tom Robinson *
Wade Gay.... Charles Baker "Dill" Harris *
Angela Hodges.... Mayella Ewell
Bruce Rogers.... Reverend Sykes
Dan Webb.... Sheriff Heck Tate
Dayna Edwards.... Mrs. Dubose
Gina Atkins.... Calpurnia
Gisela Hodges.... Stephanie Crawford
Jennylyn Caterina.... Walter Cunningham, Jr.
Jim Wilhelm.... Mr. Gilmer
Justin Haywood.... Arthur "Boo" Radley
Roy H. Wilhite, Jr..... Walter Cunningham
Ry Summers.... Bob Ewell
Wayne Bannister.... Judge Taylor
*=featured role

Kimberli Hood Easley ....  Director
Jennie M. Nunamaker ....  Stage Manager
Frank Dodd, Jr. ....  Technical Director

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