Four Humours

1229 Touro Street
New Orleans LA 70116

FOUR HUMOURS specializes in low-budget, high-impact shows, favoring the importance of the actor and the writer over that of the director. Original work preferred, but the little-seen will do.

Shivaree by William Mastrosimone  (9/2013)
Other Places  (5/2013)
The Gnädiges Fräulein  (3/2013)
The Gnadiges Fraulein  (6/2012)
Happy Days  (11/2011)
The Park Bench Plays  (5/2011)
Criminal Hearts  (11/2010)
A Taste of Honey  (8/2010)
The Two Character Play  (3/2010)
The Night of the Iguana  (10/2009)
Krapp's Last Tape  (1/2009)
Christmas On Mars  (12/2008)
Brewed  (11/2008)
The Bachelor In New Orleans  (7/2008)
Uncle Vanya  (7/2008)
Steeped  (6/2008)
Out Comes Butch  (5/2008)
The Bachelor In New Orleans  (1/2008)
The Bachelor In New Orleans  (11/2007)
Love at the Lounge  (10/2007)
The Third Degrees Of J.O. Breeze  (6/2007)
Kennedy's Children  (5/2007)
Brecht on Brecht  (10/2004)
Verbatim Verboten  (3/2004)