Treehouse Players

New Orleans LA

Treehouse Players began as an idea by Artistic Director Edward R. Cox in the mid-1980's, after several seasons working, starring in, and designing many of the productions in what is now known as "The Golden Age of Children's Corner" at the historic Le Petit Theatre in New Orleans.

Built upon the belief that contemporary children's theatre could be restructured to create a new form of prodution that would entertain and enlighten audiences of all ages, he spent many more seasons structuring what has become known in local theatrical circles as "the Eddie Cox touch."

In 1993, Mr. Cox joined with his new partner Vatican Lokey to create Treehouse Players, producing a record-setting first original production, the award-winning national hit family musical Treehouse Players' Rapunzel.

Since then, Treehouse Players has established itself as a welcome presence in the schools, civic organizations, and in theatrical circles across the nation.

In New Orleans, Treehouse Players also helped to co-produce both winning original works and stunning revisals of classic Orleanian stage hits, original cabarets, mystery theatre events, convention acts and so much more.

Treehouse is also the exclusive children's theatre group allowed full access to produce the Freddy Palmisano "Light Up The Sky" library of original shows created during the golden era of children's theatre at Children's Corner of Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre' which are now the bar setting Family Musical shows in New Orleans to this very day.

Treehouse Players is dedicated to the creation and production of the highest quality entertainments, based upon the principles of Family Theatre:

• Every production must teach the audience, in subject, form, production, and style through the arts of writing, design, and performance.

• Every production will embrace the commonality of humanity at every age and stage, never "playing down" to anyone, but engaging our audiences to continue to learn and explore throughout their lives.

• Every production will strive to find new levels of communication in every facet of our shows, utilizing every tool and theatrical discipline at our disposal, for the express purpose of touching the hearts and minds of all through the magic of live theatre.

• At no time will any of our productions ever condescend to our audiences, nor put the lessons of the show before the entertainment value of the productions. Rather, it is the entertainment value that creates the avenue for imparting the lessons.

• Every production must be fun for everyone of all ages, together... •

Having returned home to New Orleans after being in Orlando for 3 years, the Treehouse is opening it's doors again, and there's plenty to enjoy ahead! Already in the works are several original Cabarets, Family musicals and a few other surprises!

Among the many shows (Including Scripts, Set/Costume Design as well as Graphics/Poster/Logo art, Direction and more) created by Treehouse for other producers, thus not directly linked to Treehouse Players, include:

Bayou Yaga


Dreamspinner: Tales of North America

Annabelle Broom The Unhappy Witch

The Hobbit

Amelia Earhart

Frumpled Fairy Tales

Pinocchio Commedia

Beauty and the Beast

The Brothers' Grimm Barnyard Revue

How To Stay Young Forever


The Little Mermaid


Knock'em Dead!