Actor's Theatre of New Orleans, Inc.

4539 N. I-10 SERVICE ROAD, SUITE 200
(504) 456-4111

The mission of the ACTOR'S THEATRE OF NEW ORLEANS, INC. is:
To produce a broad range of theatrical presentations of the highest possible quality;
To provide hand-on learning experiences in all aspects of theatre production and management;
To provide a program of educational experiences in all aspects of theatre for youth and adults;
To celebrate the achievements of our volunteers and staff;
To provide value for our many valued supporters;
To join with other community theaters for mutual assistance and enrichment.

RENE' J. F. PIAZZA - Artistic Director, CEO and one of the founding members of the Actor’s Theatre of New Orleans
CHELLE DUKE - Managing Director and one of the founding members of the Actor’s Theatre of New Orleans
DARYL CADE - Director of Production and Design and one of the founding members of the Actor’s Theatre of New Orleans
VIKI LOVELACE - House Manager
LINDA SONGY - Box Office Manager

A Christmas Carol - The Whole Story  (12/2011)
Crimes of the Heart  (11/2011)
Devil Boys from Beyond  (10/2011)
Speech & Debate  (9/2011)
The Graduate  (8/2011)
Radio Waves  (7/2011)
Trois Belles Voix  (5/2011)
Everybody Loves Opal  (5/2010)
Extremities  (4/2010)
Reckless  (3/2010)
The Twilight of the Golds  (2/2010)
The Mercy Seat  (1/2010)
The Santaland Diaries  (12/2009)
A Christmas Carol - The Whole Story - The Movie!  (12/2009)
Four Dogs and a Bone  (11/2009)
Camp Chaos  (10/2009)
The Miss Firecracker Contest  (9/2009)
Some Girl(s)  (8/2009)
Who Kidnapped Mother Goose?  (5/2009)
Only An Orphan Girl  (4/2009)
Indecent Proposals  (3/2009)
Romeo & Juliet - The Westside Story  (1/2009)
A Christmas Carol - The Whole Story  (12/2008)
Love Letters  (11/2008)
Dracula - The Whole Story  (10/2008)
Laughing Wild  (9/2008)
Rabbit Hole  (8/2008)
The Musical Comedy Murders Of 1940  (7/2008)
Story Of Some Of Summer  (6/2008)
The Sunshine Boys  (5/2008)
Talking With. . .  (4/2008)
Don't Dress For Dinner  (3/2008)
Private Property (3 One Act Plays)  (2/2008)
Stool Pigeons  (2/2008)
The Four Aces  (2/2008)
A Review To A Kill  (2/2008)
The Shape Of Things  (1/2008)
A Christmas Carol - The Whole Story  (12/2007)
Prelude To A Kiss  (11/2007)
Boy Gets Girl  (10/2007)
The Game Show  (9/2007)
Ordinary People  (8/2007)
The Wizard Of Oz - The Dorothy Gale Story  (7/2007)
Table Eight Needs Butter  (6/2007)
June with Judy (2007 Edition)  (6/2007)
The Dining Room  (5/2007)
The Curious Savage  (4/2007)
A Piece Of My Heart  (4/2007)
And The Winner Is...  (3/2007)
Driving Miss Daisy  (1/2007)
A Christmas Carol - The Whole Story  (12/2006)
The Santaland Diaries  (11/2006)
The Exonerated  (11/2006)
Dracula - The Whole Story  (10/2006)
The Ransom Of Red Chief  (9/2006)
Fat Pig  (8/2006)
Murder At The Howard Johnson's  (7/2006)
Character Witness  (6/2006)
June With Judy (2006 Edition)  (6/2006)
Two 4 the Road  (5/2006)
'Art'  (4/2006)
The Nerd  (3/2006)
I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change  (1/2006)
A Christmas Carol - The Whole Story  (12/2005)
All In The Timing  (11/2005)
Dinner With Friends  (8/2005)
Class Clowns  
To Kill A Mockingbird