Andy LaRocca

Andy LaRocca

Sometimes credited as: Victor LaRocca

Vocal Range: Tenor    ·    Height: 5' 9''    ·    Weight: 145    ·    Hair Color: Brown    ·    Eye Color: Green    ·    Training: 9 years in JPPSS Talent/Theatre program, 4 years competitive speech, dramatic text I, IBO theatre    ·    Born: 10/21/1990    ·    High School: Riverdale High

National Forensics League Poetry Champion.

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Andy LaRocca
Andy LaRocca
Andy LaRocca
Andy LaRocca

Stage Credits:
Prose, Poetry *.... Oh! So That's What the Speech Team Does!   (5/2009)
Montgomery *.... Fame   (10/2008)
Romeo I, Macbeth, Jack Worthing, Don.... Theatre Through the Years   (11/2007)
Conrad Jarrett *.... Ordinary People   (8/2007)
Chorus.... Meet Me in St. Louis   (6/2004)
Ensemble.... Annie Get Your Gun   (6/2003)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Set Design.... Fame   (10/2008)
Spotlight Operator.... The Somewhat True Tale Of Robin Hood   (5/2008)
Set and Lighting Designer .... Addict   (4/2008)

Stage Awards and Nominations:
Big Easy Award Winner, best performance by a child 2007, "Ordinary People"
Ambie Award Noimnation, best actor in a drama 2007 "Ordinary People"
Storer Boone Nomination, best performance by a child 2007, "Ordinary People"

Non-stage credits:
Jonah Hex.......Union Soldier
Warner Bros.

College.......stressed kid
Director Deb Hagen

Cirque du freak....Classmate/Huddle Group
Cirque Productions LLC
Universal Studios

Doubting Thomas(trailer)...Student
David Dubose producer