Cyd Casados

Cyd Casados

Sometimes credited as: Cindy Roubal

Height: 5' 5''    ·    Weight: 110    ·    Hair Color: Red    ·    Eye Color: Blue    ·    Training: Stand-up Comedy, Scene Study, Commercial Audition, Broadcast Performance    ·    Special Skills: Strong swimmer, gardener, yoga, cat & dog lover, can ride a bicycle and drive a manual transmission    ·    College: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Georgia State University    ·    Occupation: Writer/Editor

Cyd made her writing debut with her one-woman show, Still Life at the Sushi Bar, performed at True Brew Theatre (2004), which was called a “convincing, entertaining, balanced piece of writing” by the Times Picayune.

Cyd received her M.A. in Communications from Georgia State University and her B.A. in Broadcast ...Read More

Offstage Credits:
Writer.... Still Life at the Sushi Bar   (4/2004)

Stage Awards and Nominations:
Finalist, Left of Center Theatre, Original Works Division, 10-Minute Play Festival (2008)
Finalist, Spokane Civic Theatre 25th Anniversary Playwrights' Forum Festival (2008)
Second Place, Cage Safe Productions Short Screenplay Competition (2007)
Finalist, Tennessee Williams Festival One-Act Playwriting Competition (2007)
Finalist, Austin Film Festival, Screenwriting Competition, Comedy Division (2006)

Non-stage credits:
“Theory of Mind”, Lead, Guy Wood
“Voodoo Tailz”, Lead, Daniel Zirilli
“Low & Behold”, Supporting, Blindwall Pictures
“Blood Feast 2”, Supporting, Herschell Gordon Lewis
“The Badge”, Supporting, Robby Henson
“Secrets of the Sisterhood”, Supporting, Scott Thomas
“Reformation”, Featured/U5, Ken Morrison

Zatarain’s, Lead, Peter Mayer Advertising
Aucoin Hart, Lead, Morrison Productions
New Orleans Tourism, Lead, Peter Mayer Advertising
Labatt’s Beer, Lead
Copeland’s Restaurant, Lead, RUM Productions
KRNU-FM, Announcer/Reporter, University of Nebraska
Lincoln Today, Anchor/Reporter, University of Nebraska