Claire Gresham

Claire Gresham

Vocal Range: Alto    ·    Height: 5'4"    ·    Weight: 140    ·    Hair Color: Blonde    ·    Eye Color: Brown    ·    Special Skills: Trumpet, Bass Guitar, Piano, British Dialect, Spanish, Italian, Tap Dance    ·    College: Tulane University    ·    Occupation: Actress

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Claire Gresham
Claire Gresham
Claire Gresham
Claire Gresham

Stage Credits:
Princess.... Love's Labor's Lost   (5/2010)
Jeanette *.... Taste   (1/2009)
Margaret.... With A Bang (Crosstown Reading)   (1/2009)
Audrey.... As You Like It   (1/2009)(6/2008)
TV, Stagehand #1, Suzy Suzy, Giant Killing Box *.... Poona The F*ckdog   (12/2008)
Chick Boyle.... Crimes Of The Heart   (11/2008)
Shevat.... Brian and Shevat   (10/2008)
The Text of the Terrifying Tome of Terrible Things.... What, Has This Thing Appeared Again Tonight?   (7/2008)
Mother Duck. Dragon Princess, Mushir Ali's Wife, Loupe Garou.... Shorts   (7/2008)
Stepmother.... Hansel And Gretel   (6/2008)
Kate *.... What A Piece Of Work Is Woman!   (6/2008)
Maud, Lin.... Cloud 9   (4/2008)
Tricia.... Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead   (11/2007)
Cordelia.... Vote Lear: A Theatrical Manifesto   (7/2007)
Miss Simmons.... My Uncle Sam   (4/2007)
Lady Bracknell *.... The Importance Of Being Earnest   (10/2006)
Isabella Bird/Mrs. Kidd/Joyce *.... Top Girls   (6/2006)
Narrator/Miss Sekretar.... Three Comic 10-Minute Plays By William Donnelly   (4/2006)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Director.... Scotland Road   (9/2007)