Jim Gleason

Jim Gleason

Vocal Range: baritone/tenor    ·    Height: 6'0"    ·    Weight: 195    ·    Hair Color: brown    ·    Eye Color: hazel green    ·    Training: Film Actors Workshop; Margie Haber Studio (L.A.)  later teacher at MH Studio    ·    Special Skills: guitar    ·    Hometown: New Orleans    ·    High School: Mandevill High School    ·    College: Tulane University    ·    Occupation: Actor/Acting Coach

imdb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0322282/

Working actor and acting teacher/coach in Los Angeles, originally from New Orleans.

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Jim Gleason
Jim Gleason

Stage Credits:
Rick Steadman.... The Nerd   (3/1991)
Willum Cubbert *.... The Nerd   (10/1988)
Bodley.... Not Now, Darling!  
*=leading role

Non-stage credits:
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