Ryan Reinike

Height: 5' 11"    ·    Weight: 165#    ·    Hair Color: Brown    ·    Eye Color: Brown    ·    Hometown: Ocean Springs, MS    ·    Born: 1/27/1977

Stage Credits:
Wiliam Faulkner *.... Mirrors Of Chartres Street / Faulkner In New Orleans ~ New Orleans In Faulkner   (8/2008)(8/2008)(7/2008)
William Faulkner *.... Mirrors Of Chartres Street: Faulkner In New Orleans/New Orleans In Faulkner   (3/2007)
William Faulkner *.... Mirrors Of Chartres Street: Faulkner Reflects New Orleans   (7/2006)
*.... The Sphincter   (4/2006)
The Golem *.... The Golem   (2/2005)
David *.... Facades   (6/2004)
Jim O'Connor *.... The Glass Menagerie   (3/2004)
Chiron.... Titus Andronicus   (11/2003)
Danny *.... Sexual Perversity In Chicago   (10/2003)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart *.... Amadeus   (8/2002)
Gerardo Escobar.... Death And The Maiden   (9/1999)
Nagg.... Endgame  
*=leading role

Stage Awards and Nominations:
Best Supporting Actor: Amadeus - Storer Boone Awards
Multidisciplinary Acheivements in the Arts - University of New Orleans
Best Supporting Actor: Wall of Crispian - University of New Orleans

Non-stage credits:
The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond Eddie Constellation Ent. / Jodie Markell
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Stand-in / Jason Flemyng Paramount / David Fincher
Pitch Agent Asimov / Lead Distant Camera / James Bruce
Tale of Phoenix Keith / Supporting Break in the Clouds / D. Cart
Faith & Betrayal Warren / Supporting NeverMind Prods / Aaron Rushin

Forces of Nature series: Twister Principal National Geographic Channel
Back to the Grind Featured TV Land

VISA Foil / Principal National
Imperial Palace Casino Genius / Principal Regional & Print
Louisiana Lottery Car wash Guy / Principal Regional
Cox Communication Hip Guy / Principal Regional