Emily Antrainer

Emily Antrainer

Vocal Range: alto-soprano    ·    Height: 5'3    ·    Weight: 120    ·    Hair Color: Blonde    ·    Eye Color: Blue    ·    Hometown: New Orleans    ·    Born: 7/7/1982    ·    High School: Mandeville High School    ·    College: University of New Orleans    ·    Occupation: Cupcake Seller

Emily is absolutely shocked that when she googled herself...yes, she googled herself, this popped up.

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Emily Antrainer
Emily Antrainer
Emily Antrainer
Emily Antrainer

Stage Credits:
Alice Foy.... Moon Over Montevideo   (9/2015)
.... RUFFF!! Rockers United for Furry Friends!   (3/2013)(3/2013)
Ensemble.... Verbatim Verboten New Orleans   (6/2012)
Dorothy Simple.... Three by Tennessee   (5/2012)
Donna the Dominatrix/Ensemble.... Eating Raoul - The Musical   (2/2005)
Hazel Huffman, et al..... Get Flanagan   (12/2004)
.... Smokey Joe's Cafe   (11/2004)(10/2004)
Gloria Thorpe *.... Damn Yankees   (9/2004)
Audrey *.... Little Shop of Horrors   (7/2004)
Swing *.... American Rock   (3/2004)
Betty Rizzo *.... Grease   (1/2004)
Alice Foy.... Moon Over Montevideo   (5/1999)
Miss Lynch.... Damn Yankees   (6/1996)
Baseball Fan / Housewife.... Damn Yankees   (6/1996)
Grown-up Wendy; Twin.... Peter Pan   (7/1995)
Grouchy.... How To Stay Young Forever   (10/1994)
Monkey.... Disney's The Jungle Book   (7/1993)
Rat.... The Pied Piper of New Orleans   (4/1993)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Asst. Choreographer.... American Rock   (3/2004)

Stage Awards and Nominations:
Ambie Award Winner--Best Actress in a Musical, 2005
Marquis Award Winner--Best Actress in a Musical--2005
Big Easy Nominee--Best Actress in a Musical--2005