Misty Marshall

Misty Marshall

Hair Color: Red, Blonde streaks    ·    Eye Color: Hazel    ·    High School: New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA)    ·    College: American Musical and Dramatic Academy (NY)    ·    Occupation: Actor

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Misty Marshall
Misty Marshall
Misty Marshall
Misty Marshall

Stage Credits:
Gloria *.... The Tiger   (4/2005)
Bun *.... The Love Talker   (3/1995)
Amiens.... As You Like It   (2/1995)
Cathleen.... Long Days Journey Into Night   (1/1995)
Mate.... John Brown's Body   (12/1994)
Beatrice Rasponi *.... A Servant of Two Masters (Commedia dell' Arte)   (11/1994)
Wendy *.... Jumanji   (4/1994)
Cobweb.... A Midsummer Night's Dream   (2/1994)
Princess Winnifred *.... Once Upon A Mattress   (6/1993)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Writer and Director.... My Story   (3/2013)
Writer and Director.... We Are Lost   (11/2012)
Writer and Director.... Theater Around the World: Kabuki & Commedia dell' Arte   (7/2012)
Writer and Director.... Who Cares   (3/2012)
Writer and Director.... A Remote Chance for Change   (11/2011)
Writer and Director.... A Crescent Tale   (11/2010)
Writer and Director.... Who Shell Save the World?   (6/2010)
Usher.... Hamlet   (10/1993)

Non-stage credits:
FILM: "Haunted High-SyFy", "Just My Luck-20th Cent Fox", "Mata: The Mark Essex Story-Umoja"
TV: "American Idol, Season 2-Hollywood Week Semi-Finalist", "Health Cops-Discovery Channel",
"AMC Dinner & A Movie- CoHost King Creole"
MUSIC VIDEOS: "Life Goes On by LeAnn Rimes-Fire Dancer", "One Night in New Orleans by Blackhawk- Fire Eater/ Breather/ Dancer"
COMMERCIALS: "Abita Beer-Regional", "Popeyes-National"
NEWS: "FOX ch 8 weekly AI Entertainment Reporter", "CBS ch 4 weekly Movie Reviewer/ Celebrity Interviewer" MUSICAL TV APPEARANCES: "CBS ch 4 Morning News-performing In Da Supa Beauxl with Misty and the Moonpie Kings", "ABC ch 26 News- performing Dats Who Blues with Misty and the Moonpie Kings", "UPN N.O. After Midnight-performing You Star Shine with Misty Moon", Louisiana Jukebox-performing Fall From Grace with Misty Moon", "ESPN 2-singing the Nat'l Anthem for opening game of the Zephers"