Christopher Manson

Stage Credits:
Angus O'Cloolismann.... Top O' the Murder to You   (3/2012)(3/2012)(3/2012)(3/2010)(3/2010)(3/2010)(3/2010)(5/2009)
Harry Gambles.... Murder Under the Mistletoe   (12/2011)(12/2008)(12/2008)(12/2008)(12/2008)
Dick Sticksit.... Murder Under the Mistletoe   (12/2011)(12/2008)(12/2008)(12/2008)(12/2008)
Arty Fischal.... Peace, Love... and Murder!   (11/2011)(11/2011)(6/2011)(2/2010)(10/2009)
Smokey Provolone.... Gangsters on the Gangplank   (10/2011)(10/2011)(10/2011)(10/2011)(10/2011)
Rudy Frudee.... Good Grape Hunting   (9/2011)(6/2011)(6/2011)(5/2011)(5/2011)(5/2011)(1/2011)(1/2011)(12/2010)(11/2010)(11/2010)(11/2010)(9/2007)
Red Leg the Dreaded.... The Mystery of Red Leg the Dreaded, Pirate of the Gulf   (6/2011)(6/2011)(3/2011)(10/2010)(6/2010)(5/2010)(5/2010)(1/2010)(11/2009)(9/2009)(9/2009)(5/2009)
Bunky Wonky.... Podunk Pandemonium   (4/2011)(3/2011)(2/2011)(11/2010)(7/2010)(2/2010)(11/2009)(11/2009)(9/2009)(8/2009)(8/2009)(8/2009)(5/2009)(5/2009)(4/2009)
Don "Smokey" Provolone.... Mobbed Up for Murder   (4/2011)(3/2011)(6/2010)(4/2010)(4/2010)(4/2010)(12/2009)(10/2009)(10/2009)(9/2009)
VJ the DJ.... Chaos on the Christmas Cruise   (12/2010)(12/2010)(12/2010)(12/2010)(12/2009)(12/2009)(12/2009)(12/2009)(12/2009)(12/2009)
Clark Crump.... Mayhem at the Monster Bash   (10/2010)(10/2010)(10/2010)(10/2010)(10/2009)(10/2009)(10/2009)(10/2009)(10/2009)
Lotta Heiney.... Murder on the Rebound   (6/2010)(12/2009)(6/2009)(6/2009)(6/2009)
.... Paula Hilton's Holiday Variety Show   (12/2009)(12/2008)
Stan Back.... Knock 'Em Dead   (8/2009)(4/2009)(1/2009)
Rock Bottoms.... Death by Valentine   (2/2009)(2/2009)
VJ the Voodoo DJ.... Bedlam in Cabin B   (1/2009)
Miles.... The Innocents   (1/1999)
Baseball Player.... Damn Yankees   (8/1996)
Soldier.... Strike Up The Band   (8/1995)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Stage Manager (performance run).... Top O' the Murder to You   (3/2012)(3/2012)(3/2012)(3/2010)(3/2010)(3/2010)(3/2010)(5/2009)
Stage Manager.... A VACATION TO DIE FOR   (10/2011)(9/2011)(8/2011)(7/2011)(4/2011)(3/2011)(2/2011)(12/2010)(11/2010)(10/2010)(9/2010)(6/2010)
Writer.... Paula Hilton's Holiday Variety Show   (12/2009)(12/2008)

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