Britain Valenti

Britain Valenti

Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano - Alto    ·    Height: 5'3    ·    Weight: 150    ·    Hair Color: Brown    ·    Eye Color: Green    ·    Training: BA in Drama and Writing from Ithaca College, Private Singing Lessons    ·    Special Skills: Trained Vocalist, Living Statue, Punctuality    ·    Hometown: New Orleans    ·    Born: 12/19/1986    ·    High School: NOCCA    ·    College: Ithaca College

Britain Valenti is a New Orleans native, bright-eyed and bushtailed from graduating Ithaca College with a BA in Drama and a Minor in writing. She has written, directed and performed in several productions above the Kentucky line and is eager to work hard in her hometown.

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Britain Valenti
Britain Valenti
Britain Valenti
Britain Valenti

Stage Credits:
Kathleen.... Touch   (9/2010)
ensemble.... Cordelia was The Fool   (9/2010)(4/2010)
Charmian.... I Want Sex All the Time   (7/2010)
Half-Pint Jackson *.... The Front Man   (1/2010)
*=leading role

Offstage Credits:
Playwright.... Urban Hades   (11/2012)
Director.... Guide Me, Father   (5/2011)
Director.... Bedroom Suite   (10/2010)

Stage Awards and Nominations:
Gorges Award Nominee: Best Supporting Actress - "Brainwaves"

Non-stage credits:
Liz Johnstone* .... "Brainwaves" (2009)
Company: IC Players
Director: Katie Woods

Chorus Member .... "God" (2009)
Company: IC Players
Director: Katie Woods

Lindsey* .... "Libby Pearce Drinks" (2009 - Regional Premiere)
Company: No Bucks Theatre
Director: Clint Hromsco

Masha .... "A Night of Chekov"
Company: Moscow Art Theatre
Directors: Igor Zolotovitsky & Sergei Zemtsov

Capulet Kinsmen .... "Romeo and Juliet"
Company: Tulane Shakespeare Festival
Director: Gary Rucker

Antonia & Outlaw #1 .... Two Gentlemen of Verona
Company: Tulane Shakespeare Festival - Intern. Prod
Director: Gary Rucker

TITLE: "Treme" - Television Show
ROLE: Living Statue - Featured Extra

TITLE: "Too Cool to Die" - Short Film
ROLE: Kali - Star
DIRECTOR: Joe Sokmen/Rent-A-Turk Productions
PRODUCER: Andromeda Winters, Producer

ROLE: Allison`s Roomate - Supporting
DIRECTOR: Alex Gambale/Old School Cinema

TITLE: "Mistaken Identity"
ROLE: Nancy - Supporting
DIRECTOR: David Miller/I.C. Park Films

TITLE: "Grief Assurance"
ROLE: Mourner 2 - Featured
DIRECTOR: Zack Wilson/Negative Zero Films

2010 - Britain Valenti’s "Lysistrata" for Cornell University
------ Directed by. Dustin Bell

2009 - "Inc. and Toner" for Ithaca’s Kitchen Theatre
------ Directed by. Dustin Bell

2008 - "Champagne" for No Bucks Theatre’s 1st I.C. New Works Festival
------ Directed by. Jason Barrera

2006 - "A Fairytale Play" for IC Players
------ Directed by. Britain Valenti

2006 - "Neurologic Love" for No Bucks Theatre
------ Directed by. Britain Valenti

2009 - "The Death of Bessie Smith" by Edward Albee
Company: No Bucks Theatre

2009 - "Speed-The-Play" by David Ives
Company: Ithaca's Directing II Class

2008 - "Throwing the Pebbles" by Laura Oriol
Company: No Bucks Theatre’s 1st I.C. New Works Festival